Age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. The older you get the less you need, so we have a tradition with our close circle of friends to celebrate birthday’s with gifts only on milestone year’s that end in 0 or 5. The cookies for this set were created to celebrate a milestone birthday for a special person. This guy loves life and is a great family man. We worked with his lovely wife to drum up some ideas to create a set of 60th birthday cookies that are all about him.

Supplies needed for 60th Birthday Cookies:

  • Rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in white, black, yellow, light gray and blue
  • Cookie cutters in square and rectangle shapes
  • Sunburst stencil and gold airbrush spray
  • Black edible marker and leaf green gel paste food color

Steps to making downhill skier cookie:

After we piped and flooded the base cookie in white, we allowed it to dry for an hour. We piped a mountain range background across all the cookies and then added different downhill skier images.

Pipe and fill the cookie.
Pipe a mountain range along the top of the cookie.
Next, add the skier.
You can repeat the same skier or choose a variety of skier images.

Steps to make golf cookie:

Pipe and flood the rectangle shapes you are using for golf cookies and allow to dry for 1 hour.

Find the desired image online or draw your own image. Use a pico projector to display the image on the cookie.
Start by outlining the golf club.
Next, add the golf ball.
Add dimples to the golf ball in two steps. First add light gray dimples, then quickly add a white over the gray, slightly off to the side.
Now add the golf tee under the ball.
Hand paint a base layer of grass.
Paint a second layer of grass for a little dimension. Then, draw the grooves on the face of the golf club with an edible marker.

Steps to make Monogram and 60 cookies

Pipe and fill the square cookies for the monogram and 60 cookies with white icing. Allow to dry for an hour and then use the sunburst stencil to spray with the gold shimmer for the background. Allow the stenciled cookies to dry overnight.

Project the 60 onto the cookie.
Outline the 60.
Fill outline area of 60.
Now project the monogram K.
Outline the monogram letter.
Fill the outlined area of monogram letter.

Steps to make buffalo cookie:

The birthday boy is a proud alumni of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Draw the outline of buffalo.
Fill the outline with black icing, allow to dry for one hour.
Project the CU letters and outline on buffalo.
Fill the letters.
Finally, add the horn.

Steps to make happy birthday cookie:

We like to use to search for font options to use when writing on our cookies. It’s free to use, check it out.

Use a mix of fonts and letter sizes to create a happy birthday message.