Birthdays are big deals no matter how old you are! If you think about it, age is really only the number of years that the world has been enjoying you. The centerpiece of this cookie set says it all, it’s celebrating another year of you being fabulous. Make someone feel extra special on their birthday by giving them Another Year of Fabulous Cookies cookies.

Supplies Needed for Another Year of Fabulous Cookies
Supplies for Another Year of Fabulous Cookies
Steps for making Another Year of Fabulous Cookies

Start with the main attraction, a large fluted plaque cookie with plenty of room to pipe “Another Year of Fabulous” plus some birthday decoration.

Large plaque cookie outlined
First, outline a large plaque cookie with pipe consistency royal icing.
Pipe Another Year of Fabulous on plaque
Pipe wording on cookie first to ensure that spacing will work out.
Large plaque cookie filled
Fill large plaque cookie with flood consistency royal icing and set aside to dry.
Tassel decoration on Another Year of Fabulous Cookies
Finally to create a tassel banner, start with a curved line in white. Next, add colored tassels by piping 3 lines fanning out from the string.

Next, we moved on to our filler cookie. You know the small ones that always disappear first:)

Small cake
Using a small tiered cake cookie, outline the first layer.
Candles on small cake
Next, alternate blue and pink lines for candles in the top layer of the cake.
Fill small cake
Immediately fill bottom layer with flood consistency icing.
Candle flames on small cake
Finish this bite-sized cookie off with flames in the light pink color.

The rectangle plaque cookie is a great shape for a special cookie for the birthday girl or boy.

Outline plaque cookie for Another Year of Fabulous Cookies
Using a fluted plaque cookie, pipe around the edges.
Tassel banner for Another Year of Fabulous
Near the top of the cookie, pipe a white line for the string. Add tassels to the string making short lines in alternating colors.
Another Year of Fabulous rectangle flood
Next, fill with flood consistency icing and allow icing to dry.
Another Year of Fabulous personalized cookie
Last but not least, personalize this cookie by piping the name of the birthday girl or boy below the tassel.

Finally, finish off the set with a birthday cake.

Birthday cake
Firstly, pipe outline on the first and second layers of a tiered birthday cake cookie.
Candles on big birthday cake
Alternate pink and blue lines on the top of the cake for candles.
Candle flames on large cake cookie
Finally, finish off candles by piping flames in light pink.
Flood birthday cake
Add flood consistency icing to first layer, allow to set for a few minutes. Then go back and add icing to second layer. This way you’ll see the differentiation in the two layers.
Cake platter
Next, pipe and fill cake platter in a contrasting color.
Watch this video to see how we put this Another Year of Fabulous cookie set together: