This summer we took a trip to a lake and spent time with family. We were talking about the recent rocket launches to space and whether or not we would fly to space if we had the chance to go. Our nephew announced he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He’s a very determined 5 year old headed to kindergarten in the fall. Although he is only 5, I have no doubt if he continues to believe in this dream, he will achieve it. One of the best parts about being a cookier is that you can make anything into a cookie. This includes making cookies to encourage a dream of becoming an astronaut. We created this Astronaut Cookies set to help Carson continue to dream. Who knows, he may wind up flying to space someday.

Supplies needed to make Astronaut Cookies:

Astronaut Cookies supplies

  • Classic rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in colors: black, blue, grey, red, yellow and white
  • Cookie cutters: circle, rocket, gingerbread man
  • Edible arts light silver paint

Steps to make astronaut cookie:

Yes, we used a gingerbread man cookie cutter to make the astronaut cookie!

Outline white parts of space suit using pipe consistency icing, leaving room for the gloves and boots.
Next, outline gloves and boots of space suit using gray pipe consistency icing. Outline visor using blue pipe consistency icing.
Fill the gloves and boots using grey flood consistency icing. Fill the visor using blue flood consistency icing.
Now fill the body of the suit using white flood consistency icing.
Add a small white stripe on the blue visor, this casts a little light effect. Outline the visor, gloves and boots with red pipe consistency icing. Add a white box for the remote panel.
Now add a blue stripe along the gloves and boots using pipe consistency icing, add details to the panel.
Finally, paint edible silver on the boots and gloves.

Steps to make rocket cookie:

Carson will need a safe rocket to launch into space, we love this rocket cookie cutter from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters.

Outline rocket body with white pipe consistency icing and the wings using red pipe consistency icing.
Now outline the window with blue pipe consistency icing and fill with blue flood consistency icing.
Next fill the body of the rocket using white flood consistency icing.
Then fill the wings using red flood consistency icing.
Add flames to the rocket blending a combo of yellow and red flood consistency icings. First add the yellow icing, then add red icing on top and drag a scribe tool or toothpick vertically through the icing.
Finally, add a white frame around the window and rivets around the body using white pipe consistency icing. Add the words USA using red pipe consistency icing.

Steps to make moon cookies:

Dilute gray icing with a little water and paint the body of the planet.
Draw a few craters and outline the cookie using grey pipe consistency icing.
Fill the cookie using grey flood consistency icing leaving the craters open. Add a few streaks of white flood consistency icing around the body of the moon.
Lastly, using a toothpick or scribe tool, swirl the white streaks just enough so they blend with the grey, but don’t disappear.

Steps to make space cookies:

For variation, you can repeat the following steps using various colors as the base and the alternate colors for the swirl colors. We tried various color combinations and liked them all.

Outline circle with black pipe consistency icing.
Fill with black flood consistency icing.
White still wet, add blue red and yellow flood consistency icing in swirls.
Immediately swirl all the colors in a circular motion using a scribe tool or toothpick.

Astronaut cookies: