Baby Beau is on the way so we made these cookies for his cowboy-themed baby shower. The mother-to-be sent photos of her invitation and party decorations so we could coordinate the cookie colors. Don’t you just love the color palatte? The topaz blue contrasts beautifully with all the muted colors you’d find in the wild west. The designs for the Baby Beau Shower Cookies are a modern take on a traditional cowboy theme. These simple shapes, designs and colors will harmonize with the rest of the party decor.

As many of you know, Kimberly is a gluten-free girl. When it’s her turn to bake for the blog, she uses gluten-free flour to make the cookies. We have found that King Arthur Measure for Measure is a great gluten-free flour that can be used in place of all-purpose flour in many recipes. Every once in a while, we like to try new things. So, this time we used Namaste Perfect Flour Blend for the cookies. The flavor of the Namaste flour cookies is great. However, the cookies spread more, were flaky, and the surface was not smooth. We’ll use the rest of the Namaste flour for other baked goods and go back to King Arthur for our next batch of cookies.

Supplies Needed for Baby Beau Shower Cookies

Icing colors for Baby Beau Shower Cookies
  • Classic sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in topaz blue, baby blue, misty grey, sage green, tan, skin color of choice, blond and white
  • Cookie cutters – square, rectangle, oval and cactus
  • Stencil
  • Stencil scrapper

Not going to lie, this cookie was so fun to make! It’s our new favorite and is so versatile and easy.

Outline square cookie
Start by outlining a square cookie with pipe consistency icing.
Fill square cookie
Fill center of cookie with flood consistency icing. Then set aside to dry overnight.
Pipe dots of color for ombre
The next day, pipe large dots of pipe consistency icing on the top of the cookie.
Scrap dots to pull icing down the cookie
Hold the flat side of a stencil at the bottom of the cookie to mask a straight line. Scrape icing downwards to spread a thin layer of icing down the cookie for an ombre effect.
Finished scrap
Set aside and allow icing to dry for 15 minutes or so.
Name cookie for Baby Beau Shower Cookies
To finish, pipe name on the bottom of cookie across all the colors.

Steps to Make Baby and Cactus Cookies

Outline oval for Baby Beau Shower Cookies
Using pipe consistency icing, outline the edge of an oval cookie.
Fill Baby Beau Shower Cookie
Next, fill using a flood consistency icing. Allow icing to set for about 15 minutes before moving on.
Baby for Baby Beau Shower Cookies
After the base layer has set, pipe the word baby in the font of your choice.
Outline cactus cookie
Outline cactus cookie.
Fill cactus cookie
Fill center and let the icing dry for about 15 minutes.
Cactus for Baby Beau Shower Cookies
Finish cookie by piping vertical lines down the base of the cookie and along cactus arms.

Our mother-to-be wanted to wear a fitted white dress and tan cowboy hat for the shower and she wanted a cookie to match. She sent a photo we could use as a template to draw a simplified version to make in cookie form.

outline silhoutte cookie
To begin, outline the edge of a rectangle cookie.
Fill silhoutte cookie
Then fill the center of the cookie and give it some time to set.
Pipe body and hat
Next, pipe a hat and outline the silhouette of the body and arm.
Add face
Pipe the side view of a face using pipe consistency icing.
Fill arm
Fill in the arm with flood consistency icing and put aside to set.
Fill body
Fill in the body with flood consistency icing.
Pipe hair
Pipe hair flowing down from the bottom of the hat.
Pipe hands and add lines for hair
Add hands and a brim to the hat.
Baby Beau Shower Cookie Silhouette
To finish, pipe lines for strands of hair.

Baby Beau Shower Cookies

Watch this video to see the whole process of making Baby Beau Shower Cookies