This is definitely not a typical back to school year. We are usually shopping for school supplies, new clothes and maybe even a backpack. This year the excitement of meeting the new teacher in the classroom may be replaced with online learning. Or, if you are lucky enough, you may be shopping for masks and hand sanitizer to prepare for a brick and mortar in-classroom experience. Regardless of the situation, we hope you can make these Back to School Cookies to cheer up someone headed, well, back to school. Cheers to a great year.

Supplies needed for Back to School Cookies
Outline cookie with white, flood with black icing
Add dots down the left edge
Dilute white food color, using a paint brush tap gently over cookie for splatter effect
Draw white rectangle and allow to dry, add spiral binder rings
Once the rectangle is dry, write: NOTES using a black edible marker
Using white icing, outline and flood
Draw blue lines across cookie
Draw pink line down left edge of paper, add an A for effort
Outline and flood using white icing, allow to dry for 20 minutes
Add an eraser
Add the black metal under the eraser
Using yellow icing, create the rectangle shape for the pencil
For the wood, add a triangle and using a toothpick drag slightly into the yellow
Add a black tip for the pencil led

Dilute black royal icing with water and paint window backdrop
Using yellow, draw outline of bus creating space for windows and lights
Flood areas around the windows and lights
Add lights, a door handle, wheels and write the word “school bus” Add children’s heads and hair in the windows
Using edible markers add the face details, color in the lights
Outline and flood cookie in white icing, allow to dry 20 minutes
Using a pico projector, trace outline of mask in blue, add white details
Outline with black icing
Outline and flood square cookie in white, allow to dry 20 minutes
Using a pico projector, add wording in black icing
Finish with polka dots along the top and bottom

Check out the video below to learn how to make Back to School Cookies.