People are drawn to the color and beauty of crystals. Many even believe that crystals have healing powers over your mind, body, and soul. Whether you believe in this alternative medicine or not, crystals and gemstones have been coveted and collected for years. Recently, we’ve been seeing crystals pop up everywhere. When a young friend of ours showed up with these fabulous nails, we knew we had to create our own version in the cookie form. But where to start? Luckily for us, Kimberly’s mother is a gemologist. After a short consult with the expert, we identified the blue apatite as our inspiration stone. Blue is our favorite color and apatite is pronounced the same as appetite so we knew we were on to something with this Blue Apatite Crystal Cookie set.

Supplies Needed for Blue Apatite Crystal Cookies:

Supplies for Blue Apatite Crystal Cookies
  • Classic sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in navy, light blue and white
  • Oval cookie cutter
  • Sanding sugar
  • Edible metallic paint

Steps to Make Blue Apatite Crystal Cookies:

Royal icing for blue apatite cookies
Place 3 different colors of royal icing in a flat bowl larger than your cookie.
Drag knife through 3 icing colors
Drag a knife through the icing up and down to pull some of each color into the next.
Dip cookie in royal icing
Next comes the fun part! Dip a cookie into the icing.
Lift cookie from royal icing
Carefully lift the cookie and flip to right-side up.
Scrap excess icing off
Using an offset spatula or knife, gently scrape the icing so that it goes all the way to the edge of the cookie. In doing so, you will spread the colors together slightly. Take care not to over mix as you want some variation in color.
Scrap excess off edges
Scrape any excess off the edges.
Add sanding sugar to some edges
While the icing is still wet, sprinkle sandy sugar on some of the cookie edges. Set aside to dry.
Paint with edible gold
After the icing has dried, paint some squiggly lines with gold edible paint to mimic the patterns in the icing.
Different sanding sugar colors on blue apatite cookies
We tested out different sanding sugar colors on the blue apatite crystal cookies and decided we preferred dark blue.

Which color do you prefer?

White, light blue or dark blue?
Blue Apatite Crystal Cookie Square

Watch this video to see how we made Blue Apatite Crystal Cookies: