Oops, I said a bad word but let’s face it, cancer is a horrible disease! The “s word” is considered disrepectful in our family. We always encourage users to come up with other words to describe their feelings. You’d be amazed by how many creative alternates you can come up with that better describe your feelings. So let me start again. Cancer is nasty, dreadful, insufferable, terrible and (you fill in the blank). Unfortunately, we have several friends and family members that have been touched by this ghastly disease recently. In the hope that we could provide some empathy and support, we created cancer succs cookies to cheer them up.

Supplies needed for Cancer Succs Cookies:
Supplies for Cancer Succs Cookies

We wanted to make several different shaped succulents but didn’t have cookie cutters for each. A cactus cookie cutter can be used for a segmented ice plant or bear-claw type succulent. Spring baskets can pass for a bulbous succulent. Finally, we did a little surgery to make a spiky leaf succulent by combining the bottom of the cactus cutter with part of a poinsettia cookie cutter. You can see the line on the bare cookie but don’t notice a thing once it’s iced.

Steps to make Cancer Succs Cookies:
Pointy leaf succulent cookie:
Segmented succulent cookie:
Bulbous succulent cookie:

Watch how to make Cancer Succs Cookies: