Penguins are one of the cutest animals in the kingdom. These tiny little creatures always delight when they pop up. Don’t you just want to chill out with them? We do, that’s why we created this Chill Out Penguin Cookie set. Our colony of penguins has huge, oversized eyes to add to the cuteness factor. Instead of the traditional black and white color, we went for a dark blue color for our penguin bodies much like the little blue penguin from Australia. This cookie would be perfect for a baby shower or child’s birthday party and even be a hit at an adult gathering. Make a set for your next waddle (that’s penguin speak for a group on land)!

Supplies needed for Chill Out Penguin Cookies

Chill Out Penguin Cookie Supplies
chill out penguin step 1
To start, outline the edge of a penguin cookie in dark blue icing.
chill out penguin step 2
Again, using dark blue icing, pipe the outline of the face and body on the front of the penguin.
chill out penguin step 3
Fill the outside section with dark blue flood consistency icing.
chill out penguin step 4
Using an edible marker, trace two oval shapes for eyes.
chill out penguin step 5
Pipe a black outline for the eyes. Immediately fill with white icing. Then add a circle of light blue, then black. Finally, finish the eye with a dot of white.
chill out penguin step 6
Once eyes have set for about 15 minutes, fill the body of the penguin with white flood consistency icing.
chill out penguin final
Finish off the penguin cookie by piping a triangle for a peak and dots for feet.
Chill out penguin cookie plaque
First, outline the border of a plaque cookie with pipe consistency icing.
Chill out penguin Cookie plaque fill
After the border has set a bit, fill with flood consistency icing. Put aside to dry.
chill out penguin plaque with words
Once the base layer of icing has hardened, pipe words in the center of the cookie.
Chill out penguin cookie plaque with outline
Finish cookie by piping a line of blue icing around the edges.
Chill out penguin cookie seet

Watch how we made Chill Out Penguin Cookies here: