Now that the Christmas season is upon us, it’s time to start decorating the house inside and out. While we are spending so much time at home this year it’s nice to create a house filled with holiday cheer. A decorated tree with colorful lights, wreaths on the door, and presents galore make for a festive atmosphere. The scents of sugar cookies baking in the oven add to it even more. These Christmas is coming cookies are perfect to make for family, friends, or neighbors and drop as a gift on their doorstep.

Supplies needed for Christmas is coming cookies

  • Classic rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in white, yellow, blue, red, green and black colors
  • Cookie cutters: present, wreath, santa hat, candy cane, truck with tree, and tree
  • White nonpareils and silver dragees

Truck with tree:

Draw two round circles for the tires, fill in leaving a hole in the center
Add white rims on the tires
Add silver dragees in the center of each tire
Outline the cab of the truck leaving a little room around the wheel well, and add a window with a slight angle toward the front of the truck.
Outline the bed of the truck, flood the cab area leaving the window and allow icing to crust
Flood the bed of the truck, add white icing to the window, headlight and tail light
Next, in the bed of the truck draw a rough outline of a tree dividing it in sections and allowing a little overhang
Flood every other tree layer
Finish flooding the other tree layers and add pine branches to the original layers you flooded
Finish up the pine branches, outline the front wheel well
Flood front wheel well and outline above rear wheel well
Flood section above rear wheel well and add a door handle


We cut out the center of the wreath with a small round cookie cutter before baking. Outline the center and add a swirly outer line following the shape of the cookie
Flood the area with white icing
While the icing is still wet, start drawing a lazy “v” all around the wreath
Complete the circle with lazy “v” shape
Next, while holding the cookie in place with one hand, take a scribe tool or toothpick and drag a line through the center going around twice
You have a wreath
Add red berries to the wreath
For a bow, add a circle in the middle and outline the shape on each side
Flood the bow and allow to crust
Outline the entire bow, draw a circle in the center and little loops at the top

Christmas Tree:

Outline the shape of the tree with green icing
Flood with green icing
Starting near the top, create a zig zag line with black icing for the string lights
Add red lights
Next, add yellow lights
Now, add blue lights
Finally, add white lights, a star and a trunk

Candy Cane:

Outline candy cane with white icing
Flood candy cane with white icing
Using red icing, outline the candy cane stripe curving the line upward
Flood the outlined area with red icing
Continue the same process up the candy cane
Add a little green stripe for a color variation


Outline present cookie with blue icing
Flood present cookie
Decorate present with white polka dots
Add red ribbon lines across the front
Add a red bow on the top of the present

Watch this video to see how we made the cookies for this set: