In this exceptional year, we offer our admiration and sincere congratulations to an extraordinary group of graduates. These Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies are meant as a tribute to those who are finishing their high school or college degrees during this unprecedented time. This is a generation of young adults who truly understand how to make lemonade out of lemons. The year 2021 will be looked upon as the turning point in the pandemic with the introduction of the vaccine. For this reason, we wanted to highlight it in our design. As more and more of us are vaccinated, we will be able to return to our normal lives. So while we are celebrating the accomplishments of our 2021 grads, we are also looking ahead to better times for everyone!

Supplies needed for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies

Supplies for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies

How to make Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies

Begin by getting the base of each cookie ready for decorating by outlining and filling the cookie with royal icing.

Outline grad cap Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Outline diploma for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Outline plaque for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Fill graduation cap for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Fill diploma for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Fill plaque for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies

Once the base layer has dried, have some fun adding all the details to make your Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies come to life.

Steps to decorate graduation cap cookies

To add dimension to the grad cap, pipe a diamond to represent the top of the mortar board.
Tassel for grad cap
Using a color that corresponds to your graduate’s school colors, pipe a string and tassel from the middle of the cap top.
Button on grad cap
Next, pipe a dot of black where the tassel hangs.
More tassel fringe
After tassel lines have set, add more lines in another color.

Steps to decorate diploma cookies

Outline diploma scroll
To give the diploma detail, pipe the outline of a rolled scroll in black icing,
Words for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Next, pipe “Congrats Grad” in the middle of the diploma. Add other details such as the outline of a grad cap or short lines to add a celebratory feel.

Steps to decorate 2021 cookie

To begin, pipe icing onto a stencil scrapper.
Stencil scrape for Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies
Place stencil on cookie and scrape royal icing across.
Next, carefully lift the stencil off of the cookie.
Finally, finish the cookie by piping the words “class of” over the 2021.
Congrats 2021 Grad Cookie Set

These cookies are amazing and we love them!

Brooke Schiller

To see how we made these Congrats 2021 Grad Cookies, watch the complete video: