How are you holding up? We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. During this shelter in place period, finding things to occupy our time hasn’t been hard. But focusing on one thing at a time has been a challenge. One project we are working on is a 2,000 piece Star Wars puzzle. That provides long hours of distraction from the news stories and social media posts. We have spent several days working on it and completed about 1/4 of the puzzle. My best guess is it will take another week to finish.

Another welcome distraction has been staying connected to friends and family. One funny recent conversation brought up the topic of how to remove shellac nail polish. A special shout out to YouTube, we learned how to safely remove the nail polish, although it took five times longer than in a nail salon. Hands down, our favorite distraction is baking and decorating cookies, whether in the midst of this pandemic or not.

This is the second installment of our COVID-19 pandemic cookies. Although the Signature Sweets business partners are living 3,000 miles apart we find it incredibly inspiring and comforting to communicate through FaceTime, Zoom and texting. A friend recently posted this funny quote, “Introverts, please put down your books and check on your extrovert friends. They are not ok!” This is a nice reminder to check on younger and older friends and family, introverts and extroverts included. Remember to stay safe and try a little baking together.

Supplies needed to make COVID-19 Staying Safe Cookie Set

  • Sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe
  • Hexagon cookie cutter, or whatever shape you have on hand
  • White royal icing
  • Light blue royal icing
  • Royal blue royal icing
  • Gray royal icing
  • Black royal icing
  • Yellow royal icing
  • Red glitter dragees
  • Orange gel paste food color

How to make COVID-19 staying safe cookies

Baked cookie and royal icing ready for decorating project
Hexagon cookie and light blue royal icing
Outline cookie
Cookie filled with flood icing
All hexagon cookies decorated
Decorate the base of all the hexagon shapes and set aside to crust

Use a PME 2 tip in your icing bag, or if using disposable bags, cut a pencil tip size hole in your icing bag. Using light blue royal icing outline and flood all the hexagon shapes. Set aside to dry the tops so they crust over before adding details later.

The COVID-19 virus cookie was created using a small ball of foil, about half the size of a golf ball. We gently tapped the foil ball on the counter to create a flat bottom. This prevented it from rolling around on the baking sheet while placing it in the oven. The hexagon shape cookie cut out was gently folded over the foil ball before baking. We left the foil in the cookie while it cooled. Later when it came time to decorate, it was wedged in place, so we left it as is.

Plain cookie ball
Uniced cookie
Underside of cookie showing the foil ball to create the rounded shape
Small foil ball used during baking to keep the round shape
Cookie painted with royal icing
Paint the cookie with gray flood consistency icing
Add red glitter dragees to cookie
Add red glitter dragees while icing is still wet
Pipe yellow details on cookie
Add yellow details
Use orange gel paste food color to paint virus details
Paint orange details

Pico projector time

You may be able to freehand draw. We can’t, so we have learned a few tricks and tools we want to share with you. Now that the hexagon cookies have had a little time to dry, its time to add the details. Most of the following details were added using a Pico projector on an Arkon Mount. The process is fun, you select and image from just about anywhere in a book, a magazine or online. Using your phone, take a picture of the image(s) you would like to use to project them onto the cookie. The projector allows you to adjust size and scale to fit the cookie. The Arkon mount as shown in the picture is holding an iPhone for photography and filming.

Arkon mount with iPhone used during photography and filming
Arkon mount during photography and filming session. Later we swap the phone for a pico projector to display the images on the cookies below.
TP outline projected on cookie
Hand washing outline projected on cookie
Hand washing
Lysol disinfectant wipe jar projected on cookie
Disinfectant wipes
Girl with mask line drawing projected on cookie
Face mask
Notice: closed until further image projected on cookie
Closed for business notice

Decorating cookies together holds a special place in our hearts and we think you would enjoy it too. We hope you enjoy spending all this quality time together with roommates or your family. Our neighborhood is taking to the streets (ok, really it’s our porches) at 8pm each evening to make noise, or clap, in support of all the healthcare and frontline workers assisting with the Coronavirus outbreak. Cheers to all of them, we wish we could bring them cookies.

Coronavirus Cookie Tutorial