One of the best things about autumn is the brilliant set of colors it bears. The blaze of red, orange, and gold brightens up the landscape. There are leaves of all colors and shapes blowing around the wind. As a result, those beautiful autumnal colors are top of mind so we incorporated them in these Fall Bouquet Cookies. Fall bouquet cookies are perfect for a fall gathering or Thanksgiving celebration.

Supplies needed for Fall Bouquet Cookies:

Icing transfers for fall bouquet:

These fall bouquet cookies come together quickly if you make royal icing transfers ahead of time. Icing transfers are a great way to use that extra icing. Transfers can be made by piping a shape or scrapping a stencil with royal icing. To demonstrate, we used both transfer methods for this cookie. The beauty of transfers is once they dry, they can be stored in a sealed container indefinitely. However, if DIY isn’t your thing, you can always purchase shaped sprinkles to get a similar affect.

Pumpkin tranfers step 1
On a piece of waxed paper, pipe outer sections of pumpkin and put aside to set.
Pumpkin transfers step 2
Pipe center section of pumpkin and set aside to dry completely.

Leaf transfers step 1
Place stencil on a piece of waxed paper or stencil blank. Pipe alternating colors of royal icing on the scrapper.
Leaf transfer step 2
Hold the stencil in place and scrape icing across the stencil, filling all the holes.
Leaf transfers
Carefully lift the stencil off the paper backing and set aside to dry.

Steps to make fall bouquet cookies:

  • Fall bouquet outline
    First, use pipe consistency icing to outline the shape of the cookie.
  • Fall bouquet fill
    Next, fill with flood consistency icing and set aside to dry.
  • Fall bouquet cookies stems
    Pipe stems in ivory royal icing.
  • Fall bouquet cookies cat nine tails
    Immediately pipe the tips of the cattails with brown icing and a #3 tip
  • Fall bouquet cookies pumpkin stems
    Add stems for pumpkins using a #1.5 tip with orange icing.
  • Fall bouquet cookies pumpkins
    Place pumpkin transfers at top of orange stems (the wet stems will act as glue).
  • Fall bouquet cookies pumpkin stems
    Next, add stems to tops of pumpkins with brown icing.
  • icing to glue leaves
    Pipe dots to secure leaf transfers.
  • Fall bouquet cookies with leaves
    Lastly, add leaf transfers to bouquet.

Finally, place cookies on a platter and enjoy. Bet they won’t last as long as the fall leaves;)

Watch this video to see how we made the pumpkin and leaf transfers as well as the fall bouquet cookies: