These Friday Night Lights cookies are a tribute to the many parents, coaches, and administrators who worked tirelessly for many years to get lights installed in our local high school football stadiums.

When our oldest children started high school, we recall the first football game of the season. As Kimberly was preparing dinner, she asked her daughter when she was going to leave for the game. Izzy gave her a puzzled look and said in a tone that says you don’t know a thing. “The game is already over Mom! It was after school.” That’s when we found out that our local high school did not have lights for the field so all football, soccer, and lacrosse matches were held during daylight hours. How disappointing, no Friday Night Lights games for our children! What’s worse is we were the only school district in the region without lights. We both have such fond memories of getting bundled up for a fun night with our friends, hanging out, eating junk from the snack shack, and routing our team on.

Skip ahead ten years later, lights are finally going in! As we speak, construction crews are putting lights in the Mountain View and Los Altos High School fields. Once high school sports start-up again, future generations of football, soccer, and lacrosse players will be able to play under the lights. The high school bands, cheer squads, and dance teams will also benefit as lights bring a community together. To honor all the hard work, dedication, and collaboration of all the folks who made this happen, we created these Friday Night Lights cookies.

Supplies needed for Friday Night Lights Cookies

Supplies for FNL

Black food coloring is a dangerous thing. When used in large amounts, it stains the cookie eater’s mouth a deep green. It’s fine to use for small details and piping words. However, when we want a black background like the base layer of this Friday Night Lights cookie, we have a little trick. Once you make the royal icing recipe, put some aside and add a little black cocoa powder with a drop of black food coloring and mix well. The cookie will have a slight chocolate flavor but isn’t overpowering. And, it’s much better than having green mouth!

Steps to make Friday Night Lights Cookies

FNL set at angle

Watch this video to see how we made the Friday Night Lights Cookies