Camo is trending this spring! We thought we’d have fun going camo with cookies in this birthday set. There are so many camouflage patterns out there to pick from. Each pattern is designed to protect military personnel and equipment so they blend into their surroundings. Our going camo with cookies set is inspired by one of the US Naval patterns for specialized units. We’ll show you some tips to making your camo cookies seem more realistic and cohesive.

Supplies needed to make Going Camo Cookie Set
  • Sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe
  • Variety of different cookie cutters
  • Black royal icing
  • White royal icing
  • 4 different camo royal icing colors of your choice (yes there are 5 here but we’ll explain later)
Icing Colors

The secret to making a camo pattern is all about mixing the colors. To make a camo pattern aesthetically appealing, the colors should relate to each other. Artists often use harmonious colors in their work to give a design a comfortable, relaxing feel. Harmonious colors are ones that are related to each other on a color wheel. Without going into a ton of color theory, here’s how to do this with for icing:

Start with a base color – it will be your lightest one. In this case, it is tan. Remove enough tan to fill piping and flood bags. Separate the remaining tan into 3 bowls. To the first bowl, add a tiny bit of gold gel paste food color to create a sand. In the second bowl, add a tiny bit of brown gel paste food color. Now, in the third bowl, add a tiny bit of olive gel paste food color (or in our case, a little of some olive royal icing we had on hand.) Use a toothpick to add a small amount of gel paste to each bowl. DO NOT be heavy handed with the food color. Mix well to until color is fully incorporated.

Next, take a spoon of the gold icing and add it to the olive bowl. Scoop a little olive icing and add it to the brown. Grab a scoop of brown icing and add it to the sand. This will help the colors relate to each other. Finally, mix each bowl and fill piping and flood bags.

How to make Going Camo Cookies

To create a camo background start by outlining cookie with pipe consistency icing. Let set for 5-10 minutes before filling. Now for the fun part, working from one side of the cookie to the other, add dots of flood consistency icing in a random pattern. Make irregular shapes, c-shapes and zigzags. Work quickly so that the icing does not have time to crust before you are finished. Check out the process in the following video.

In addition, camo pattern can be added to small details in the same manner.