For our families, celebrating golden birthdays is a big deal! A golden birthday is a birthday year where you turn the age that corresponds to the day of the month of your birthday. For example, if your birthday is June 22nd, then your golden birthday is when you turn 22. We also have the tradition that you receive that same number of presents on your golden birthday. This makes the golden birthday that much more special. So this summer when Kimberly’s son turns 22, he will get 22 gifts. Maybe some of them with be golden birthday cookies;)

When a friend’s daughter was celebrating her golden birthday on the 21st of February in the year ’21, we had to make this set of Golden Birthday Cookies to add to the party. The colors for the party were going to be a combination of rose gold, pink and gold so we had a fun color palette to work with. Initially, we came up with some sayings to add some fun and whimsy using the Fishfinger font. And since no birthday is complete without a cake, we added that to the mix. In addition, we added a toast to the set with two champagne glasses clinking. Finally, to finish off the set, a cookie with the number 21 in gold added shine and sparkle.

Supplies needed for Golden Birthday Cookies:

Supplies for Golden Birthday Cookies

Steps to make happy birthday cookie:

Outline birthday cookie
Begin by outlining the square cookie with white pipe consistency icing.
Flood birthday cookie
Fill middle with white flood consistency icing.
Pipe saying on birthday cookie
Once icing has set, pipe “Happy Birthday” or other saying.
Add dots and lines
Pipe dots and white lines to add a feeling of celebration.
Golden Birthday Cookies
Change up the sayings to personalize the set for your birthday girl or boy!

Steps to make cake cookie:

Golden birthday cookies - outline cake
Pipe a rectangle in the center tier of the birthday cake cookie using pipe consistency icing.
Fill with flood consistency icing and then pipe name of birthday girl or boy.
Add cake base
On the bottom tier, pipe and fill a cake stand shape with pink icing.
Candles for Golden Birthday Cookies
On the top tier, pipe lines for candles and then pipe dots and pull to make the flame.

Steps to make 21 cookie:

Number Cookie outline
First, outline the fluted square cookie with pale pink pipe consistency icing.
Fill Number Cookie
Next, fill the center with a flood consistency icing.
Pipe Number
After the base layer of icing has set, pipe the number of the birthday in gold icing.
Add polka dots
Add polka dots around the fluted edge in alternating colors.

Steps to make cheers cookie:

Outline Plaque Cheers cookie
To begin, pipe around the edge of a plaque cookie using a pipe consistency icing.
Fill plaque
Next, fill the center of the plaque with flood consistency icing.
Add champagne glasses and cheers
After the base has set, pipe champagne flutes clicking and the word cheers.
Finally, once the cookies are dry, add some sparkle by painting with metallic edible paints.

Cheers to a golden 21st birthday!

Golden Birthday Cookie Set

Watch how we made the Golden Birthday Cookie set here: