What do you get for the guy who has everything? We always agree cookies are the right answer. When a special someone in our lives has a milestone birthday, we like to mark the occasion with a custom set of cookies. It’s nice to take some time and reflect on what someone likes to do and turn around and create a set of cookies just for them. In this case we decided to combine their love of golf with their birthday to make golf theme birthday cookies.

Supplies needed to make golf theme birthday cookies
Outline and flood the cookie with white royal icing
Create the golf shoe sole with squiggly lines, personalize the shoe design
Repeat outline and flood with white royal icing
Add the outline of the golf cart leaving room for the wheels. draw a seat and steering wheel
Using blue royal icing, outline and flood the rectangle
Draw the outline of the golf bag, add a strap and pockets. Of course, don’t forget the golf clubs
For the plaque cookie, outline and flood in blue royal icing
How old is the birthday boy?!
This time we went with yellow for the golf shirt
Add two offset rectangles for the collar, add a pocket and buttons

Check out this video to learn how to make golf theme birthday cookies .