There’s no shortage of things to say about the past year. It started out strong with Signa moving to Florida and thus disolving a 10-plus year business collaboration for Signature Sweets co-owners, Kimberly and Signa. We couldn’t bare to see it end just because we are now bi-coastal, so we created this blog. Kimberly was the first person to visit Signa in Florida and we spent the week long visit creating content for the blog, planning for the future and going to the beach. Two weeks later we met in Louisville, Kentucky, for CookieCon. Around 1,000 cookie fanatics from all over the country and beyond gathered to learn more about the business of cookies. That was in February and that was the last normal thing we did before everything changed.

This blog has not only been a way for Kimberly and Signa to stay connected creatively, it is a welcome distraction. Fast forward to now. We have a vaccine soon to be available to those who want it. A new president entering the white house, and the promise of new beginnings with a new year. We wish you a healthy new year, and of course, we hope to inspire you to make some cookies. Enjoy learning how we made these Happy 2021 New Year cookies and we all look forward to the great mask burning party of 2021.

Supplies for Happy New Year Cookies

The 2 cookie:

Outline all 4 circle cookies
Fill each circle with black icing.
Project number onto first cookie.
Outline number, do this twice for the number 2.
Fill the outlined area with icing.
Draw a circle around the border.
Once the outline and number have dried about 20 min. Paint outline with silver shimmer and number with blue diamond dust.

Countdown clock cookie:

Add numbers to the countdown clock.
Next, add clock hands.

Syringe cookie. This is representing the number 1 in 2021.

Project an image of a syringe onto the cookie.
Trace the image and fill the body of the syringe with icing.
Add measure lines, let dry 20 minutes and paint measure lines and needle with silver shimmer.
Add border, let dry 20 minutes and paint with shimmer.

Confetti cookie:

Outline confetti cookie.
Next, fill with icing.
Draw a swirly shape through the confetti cookie.
Continue going over swirly shape until the lines are thick.
Next, add a few random dots of gray icing.
Paint gray icing with silver shimmer and paint blue diamond dust on the swirly line.

Plaque cookies:

Ouline the small plaque cookie.
Then, fill the cookie and allow to dry for 30 minutes.
Project the image, “Happy New Year” onto the small plaque cookie. We used a typewriter font in all capital letters.
Finally, outline the border of the cookie with gray icing, allow to dry 20 minutes and paint with silver shimmer.
Outline the border of the large plaque cookie.
Fill the cookie.
Project the phrase onto the cookie.
We used uper and lower case letters in the same typewriter font for this cookie.
Outline the cookie wth gray icing, allow to dry for 20 minutes and paint with silver shimmer.

Take a look at the video to see how we made Happy 2021 New Year cookies: