Our friend Karen recently had a birthday. Since her favorite color is yellow, we wanted to incorporate lemons into the design of a cookie set. We also decided to make her cookies because we don’t like the negative Karen meme movement. We have a lot of friends named Karen and we like all of them. Our friend Karen is not entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate. She’s really nice, thoughtful, and friendly. We like this about her and to mark her special occasion, we made her Happy Birthday Karen Cookies.

Supplies needed for Happy Birthday Karen Cookies
  • Sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe
  • Cookie cutters: plaque, boot, dress, and lemon
  • Royal icing colors: yellow, white and pink
  • Airbrush color: yellow
  • Green gel paste food color or green marker for lemon leaves
Supplies for Karen cookies
Find a line drawing of a lemon online
Trace a line of lemons on paper. Using royal icing create lemon shapes. Allow to dry for several hours.
Lemon cookie
Outline and flood with yellow icing
After the cookie dries, add a shadow effect with yellow airbrush color
White outline and flood

Yellow outline and flood

Pink outline and flood
Karen Plaque
Karen plaque with lemons

Dress Cookie
Outline and flood in pink icing
White icing
Paint a rolling green line across the bottom of the dress, add lemons and leaves. Add yellow dots along the sleeve and neckline
Repeat steps on the white dress cookie

Boot cookie

Outline and flood with white icing, allow to dry for 20 minutes
Add a white band and buckle