These heart transfers really made our Love Letter cookies sparkle. Using transfers is one of the easiest ways to add details to your cookies. It actually saves time to make a bunch of icing transfers ahead of time and keep them on hand. We often use up left over icing to make transfers. Transfers can be made in any shape you can imagine.

To make these heart transfers you will need:

Start by tracing a cookie cutter on a piece of paper or print out a sheet of outlines of any shape you like. Place paper on a cookie sheet and cover with waxed paper.

Pipe shape using the outline as a guide.

While icing is still wet, sprinkle with sanding sugar to cover.

Allow transfers to dry overnight or in a dehydrator until the icing is completely dry. Remove from waxed paper with a small spatula.

Transfers can be stored in airtight container until ready to use (they basically last forever).

Make your cookies sparkle with heart transfers.