Buzz, buzz, buzzzzzzzz! These cute bee cookies are such a fun addition to any bee-themed party. There are so many clever plays on the word bee. “Bride to bee” or “Queen Bee” for a bridal shower. “What will it bee” is cute for a gender reveal party. “Mother-to Bee”, “Sweet as can bee”, or “Oh ba-bee” are great baby shower themes. For a bee-related birthday, how about “Hap-bee Birthday”? Bee cookie sets also make nice pick-me-up gifts as part of a “Don’t worry, bee happy” or “Bee well” cookie set. As you can see, the list goes on and on! Learn how to make cute bee cookies for your next batch.

Supplies needed for Bee Cookies

Supplies for Bee You Cookies

Steps to make Bee Cookies

The first place we start with any cookie is the design. Trace a cookie cutter. For the bee cookie, we used a 6 petal flower. Next, using a pencil, draw the basic shape of a bee. We made sure to put the head and stinger in the top and bottom petals and the wings on the petals on the sides. Once you are happy with your pencil drawing, outline, and color in the details of your design. Use this drawing as a guide for decorating the cookie.

Drawing of bee cookie

Outline the head and body of bee
Outline the head and body of the bee in yellow icing.
Outline the wings
Next, outline the wings in white icing.
Fill in the head
Fill in the head of the bee with flood consistency icing and set aside for a few minutes to set.
Fill wings
Using white flood consistency icing, fill the wings. Allow the wings to set before moving on.
Fill body and add black stripes
After the wings have set for a few minutes, fill the body with yellow flood consistency icing. Immediately pipe black lines in while the body is still wet.
Brush petal dust on cheeks
To add the cuteness factor, brush cheeks with a pink petal dust.
Pipe smile, eyes and attennae
Pipe a large smile, eyes and droopy antennae using black pipe consistency icing.
Draw eyebrows
Finally, finish off by drawing eyebrows with an edible marker or by painting food color with a fine brush.

These bees are so cute!

Bee You Cookie Circle

Watch how we made the Bee Cookie set here: