Recently we attended a milestone 60th birthday party for our friend, Ian. This was one of those situations where the invitation states “no gifts.” However, Ian has an uncompromised sweet tooth, so we could not pass up the opportunity to create a set of custom decorated sugar cookies for the occasion.

Ian has a lot of interests and hobbies which makes our job of deciding what to focus on for the cookie designs a little easier. He is of South African decent and enjoys cycling, golf and his favorite new toy, a beautiful boat named Systhesis. We used several different cookie cutter shapes and royal icing colors in this set. To simplify your own custom set of cookies, you can use all one shape like a circle or rectangle. Our YouTube channel features a few examples of how to do it. Skip to the end of this blog post to see the YouTube video here of how we made Ian’s Birthday Cookies.

Supplies needed to make Ian’s Birthday Cookies:

Steps to make birthday cake cookie:

Outline cake stand using pipe consistency icing.
Fill cake stand using flood consistency icing. Add outline for cake.
Fill cake with flood consistency icing.
Next, add stripes on cake using pipe consistency icing. If you want thicker looking stripes, use flood consistency icing.
Add squiggle line and decorative dots on cake stand.
Finally, outline cake using pipe consistency icing and add candles with wicks.

Steps to make golf bag cookie:

Outline golf bag sections using pipe consistency icing.
Fill sections using flood consistency icing.
Next, add bag details and golf clubs using pipe consistency icing.
Finally add finishing decorative details using pipe consistency icing.

Steps to make bicycle cookie:

Outline bicycle using pipe consistency icing an and fill cookie using flood consistency icing.
Add wheels and fenders using pipe consistency icing.
Next, add wheel spokes and bike frame using pipe consistency icing.
Finally, finish bike frame details and add a seat, handle bars and pedals using pipe consistency icing.

Ian’s Birthday Cookies:

Watch our YouTube video to see how we made Ian’s Birthday Cookies: