Summer is here and that means longer days, sunshine and ice cream (cookies, that is)! Making a cookie that looks like food is always fun. A popular trend right now is to make a set of cookies that look like a charcuterie tray. We might attempt that one someday, but for now, we want to make cookies that look like ice cream! What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you like your ice cream served in a cone or a cup? Do you like whipped cream and a cherry, or no thank you plain is perfectly fine? Either way, ice cream is a special summertime treat so we decided to make Ice Cream Cookies for a little fun in the sun.

Supplies needed to make Ice Cream Cookies:

Steps to make the classic ice cream cone:

Outline cone using brown pipe consistency icing.
Fill cone using brown flood consistency icing.
Drawing with a slight curve, pipe waffle cone lines with brown pipe consistency icing.
Now outline the ice cream shape with green pipe consistency icing.
Fill ice cream using flood consistency icing.
Finish with confetti sprinkles!

Steps to make soft serve ice cream cone:

Outline wafer cone separating the top and bottom with brown pipe consistency icing.
Next, fill the top first, wait 10 minutes and fill the bottom with brown flood consistency icing. Let set 10 minutes before next step.
Add straight vertical lines first, then add curved horizontal lines using brown pipe consistency icing.
Next add the ice cream layer outlines using white pipe consistency icing.
Fill every other layer with white flood consistency icing. Allow to set for 10 minutes.
Fill the remaining sections and add a few spots for melting ice cream.

Steps to make ice cream sundae cookie:

Outline the sundae dish using green pipe consistency icing.
Flood with green flood consistency icing and add another outline with white. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but it’s there.
Outline the ice cream using pink pipe consistency icing.
To create the textured look above, use pink pipe consistency icing to flood. Use a swirly motion while adding the icing. See video for technique.
Using white pipe consistency icing, add the whipped cream using the same technique as the ice cream.
Add a cherry using pink pipe consistency icing, smooth the cherry using a scribe tool or toothpick. After the icing has dried add pink prism powder.

Steps to make the ice cream plaque cookie:

Outline plaque using orange pipe consistency icing.
Add vertical lines in orange using pipe consistency icing.
Fill orange outlines with flood consistency icing. Add white vertical lines next to the two outside orange sections.
Fill with white flood consistency icing. Add pink vertical lines in between the white and orange lines.
Fill with pink flood consistency icing.
Fill the remaining line with white flood consistency icing.
Add the word ICE CREAM and allow to dry for an hour.
Finally, paint the word ICE CREAM with EdibleArt glamorous gold. Look at that shimmer!

Ice Cream Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies