Afraid to wear an isty bitsy yellow polka dot bikini? Make up a cookie instead but don’t make them teenie weenie! It’s a great way to get into summer mode. However, beware that you’ll probably sing the classic song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Bryan Hyland the entire time you are baking. We wanted to make an updated version of this classic bikini with some mix-and-match bathing suit tops and bottoms. Although yellow polka dots are fun, we added navy and some stripes to the mix for an extra pop. It’s no secret that we both love navy – it’s classic just like the song. Opt for elegance with these stylish cookies for your next pool party or beach get-together.

Supplies needed for Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Biniki Cookies

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Supplies

Steps to make polka dot bikinis

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Body
Start by outlining and filling a one-piece bathing suit and set aside to dry.
Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Outline
Next, outline the shape of an itsy, bitsy bikini in yellow pipe consistency icing.
Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Dots
Using a flood consistency icing, fill in the bathing suit with yellow and immediately pipe dots of white.
Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Belly Button
Finish by piping a dot for a belly button.
Itsy Bitsy   Polka Dot Bikinis
Have fun make polka dot bikinis in lots of different colors. Mix up the patterns of the tops and bottoms using yellow, blue, and white.

Steps to make string bikinis

String bikini
To make string bikinis, start by outlining the general shape.
Fill string bikini
Fill with colors of your choice.
Detail on top of string bikini
Once the icing has set, add details on the bikini top.
Detail on bottom of string bikini
Finish by piping strings on the bottoms.
String bikini set
Use a variety of stripes and polka dots for each string bikini top and bottom.

Steps to make swim short bikinis

Swim Short Bikini Outline
Outline the bikini top and swim shorts using a pipe consistency icing.
Swim Short Bikini Fill top
Fill the top with a solid color.
Swim Short Bikini Bottoms
To make a Hawaiian print pattern, fill the bottom using a flood consistency icing. Then immediately pipe small circles with a dot in the center.
Swim Short Bikini Bottom Flowers
While the icing is still wet, drag a line from outside the circles to the inside four or five times with a toothpick or scribe to make a flowers.
Swim Short Bikini Bottom Detail
After icing has set, pipe a waistline on the swim trunks.
Swim Short Bikini Top Detail
Finally, finish off by piping some details on the top.
Swim Short Bikini Set
Mix and match using polka dots, stripes, and gingham patterns.

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Vertical