Ah, luck of the Irish to you! St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday. Yes we are Irish-enough to fully embrace the holiday celebrated on March 17th of each year in the United States. Really, its a holiday celebrated by people all over the world with Irish heritage. Of course, we had to teach you how to make Kiss Me I’m Irish cookies to mark the occasion. In case you are wondering, we wore green while writing and filming this blog post.

Supplies for Kiss Me I’m Irish Cookies:
Step 1: Cut out and bake your cookie shapes. Next, mix green royal icing in desired shades in both pipe and flood consistencies.
Let the fun begin, the icing and cookies are ready.
Step 2: On the Shamrock cookie, outline with pipe consistency icing, then flood cookie and add details like polka dots or stripes.
Outlining technique

Don’t worry about outlining all the way to the edges.

Fill technique

Add enough flood icing to cover all the corners and crevices.

Detail technique
Add details

Add polka dots, stripes, or outline in another color.

Shamrocks are the quintessential symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. Originally, St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize the the holy trinity to nonbelievers as he converted the Irish to Christianity. There’s another belief that the three leaves of a shamrock are said to stand for faith, hope and love. The fourth leaf in a shamrock is where we get luck. Have you ever found a 4-leaf shamrock?

Step 3: Outline, flood, and add details to lip cookies.
Outline with white.
Flood with white icing.
Outline in green leaving a small white border. Add squiggle lines for lip shape.
Step 4: For the plaque cookie, outline, flood and add wording. Use the stiffer outline icing for writing Kiss Me I’m Irish letters, the flood icing is too thin and will spread. For a fun effect, alternate the letters using all the colors.
Outline plaque.
Flood the plaque.
Add lettering.

One plaque cookie is a nice focal point for a cookie platter. Multiple plaque cookies with different sayings are another option. The choices are endless. Either way, good health, good luck and happiness each and every day!