When Liverpool is calling and you can’t go, what do you do? The next best thing is making a colorful set of Liverpool Calling cookies. Since many of us have had to cancel travel plans of late, we’ve decided to make a cookie journal of these lost trips. To start, one of our friends has been planning for years to spend his 64th birthday in the home town of his much loved Beatles. (Get it, “When I’m 64”?) This guy is a huge Beatles fan! In their home, every family member is woken to “Birthday” at the crack of dawn on their birthday. He was so hopeful when the pandemic broke that it would all be under control by May. Since that didn’t happen, we tried to cheer him up with these Beatles inspired cookies.

Supplies Needed for Liverpool Calling cookies:
Supplies for Liverpool Calling Cookies
Steps for making Liverpool Calling cookies

First start by putting on some Beatles music to inspire your baking. Kimberly is partial to Rubber Soul and Signa likes Revolver. Our friend loves them all and even has his very own Sgt. Pepper’s green suit just like John. So we had to make this the feature cookie for our set. We love the simplicity of using a rectangle to represent a suit. It allows you to focus on the characteristics that make that particular suit recognizable without having to have a ton of small details. The 4 colors of the Sgt. Pepper suits are very distinctive as well as the buttons across the chest, the shoulder fringe and the rope.

  • Liverpool Calling outline and flood
    Outline and flood cookie
  • Next, pipe collar and center line
  • Pipe lines for details on chest
  • At the top, pipe first layer of shoulder fringe
  • Add dots for buttons
  • Pipe second layer of shoulder fringe
  • Finally add rope detail with a piped line in a coordinating color

Have you been to the Beatles Museum? Take a look here to plan your tour of the Magical Beatles Museum in Liverpool. It boasts the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia in the world. We hope you will enjoy the show.

Watch this video to see how we changed a simple rectangle into a member of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: