One of the things that our families miss the most during the pandemic is the lack of televised sports. Especially this month when we normally have the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, baseball, and golf in full swing to watch. So we have turned reruns and obscure sports on YouTube. One day, we stumbled upon marble run races complete with professional-grade commentary. We were hooked! If you haven’t seen them, check them out. They’re like a combination of the Kentucky Derby and kindergarten recess. Naturally, we had to make some marble run cookies to compliment our new-found sport. There are so many different types of marbles out there, it was fun creating cookies to match.

Marbles to use as inspiration for marble run cookies
Supplies Needed for Marble Run Cookies:
Supplies for marble run cookies
Steps for making Marble Run Cookies

The glass swirl in the marbles immediately brought to mind a wet-on-wet technique for the cookies. We made some of the marble run cookies in two colors and others in three. Wet-on-wet is a big bang for your buck. It’s an easy technique that yields a dramatic result. Start by outlining a cookie with royal icing in a pipe consistency. Then, partially fill the cookie with flood consistency in one color and add another color to one section or in a swirl pattern. Immediately drag a scribe or toothpick through the icing to drag some of the second color through to the first.

Wet-on-wet with 2 colors:

Outline for marble run cookies
Outline cookie
Add swirl accent color for marble run cookies
Add swirl of accent color
Partially fill marble run cookies
Partially fill with one color
Use scribe tool to enhance swirled effect in marble run cookies
Use scribe to drag one color into the other

Wet-on-wet with 3 colors:

Add one color to middle of marble run cookies
After outlining cookie, add first color to middle
Add third color to other side of marble run cookies
Add third color to other side
Add second color to one side of marble run cookies
While icing is still wet, add second color to one side
Use scribe tool to drag colors in marble run cookies
Use scribe to drag one color into the next

We had a blast naming our marble run cookies! Meet our competitors:

Marble cookies - Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
Lucky Lavender
Blazing Comet
Mercury’s Message
The Sorcerer’s Stone
Good Craic
Sugar Step
Big Bird
Terra Bella
Argo’s Adventure

And they’re off! The cookies were served on a platter complete with racecourse, start, and finish cookies. Once all bets were in, we sat back to watch the action. Odds were that the marble cookies would be eaten first before the other shapes. The marble cookies did not disappoint. Their small size always makes them a favorite.

Watch this video to inspire you to make your own cookies: