Signature Sweets


Meet Signa and Kimberly

Signature Sweets is a partnership of two great friends, Signa and Kimberly. We are bakers and creative souls whose prowess is decorating cookies.  You should see our collection of sanding sugars!  

The partnership began when our children were in elementary school and we worked on fundraising for a PTA event. Since we had so much fun, we decided to create a business doing something we both loved – baking. The name is a play on Signa’s uncommon name. Kimberly always boasts that her part of the name is that she’s the sweet one;)

We started baking cookies, cakes and pies but soon slimmed this down to decorated cookies only so we could get a Cottage Food License and bake out of Signa’s kitchen. After operating the business for 10 years in Los Altos, CA, we entered a new chapter – bi-coastal blogging. With a move for Signa to Florida, we wanted a way to keep the partnership and creativity going. We hope you enjoy reading and learning from us!