Our godson loves the game of basketball. In fact, he loves it so much that he’s attending a boarding school for high school athletes focused on basketball. He recently had to quarantine due to exposure to covid-19, which he never contracted. As if quarantining isn’t bad enough, it coincided with his birthday, so we decided to make his cookies to cheer him up and let him know we are thinking about him. The school’s colors are blue, green and white, so this was the obvious color palette for the monogram birthday cookies.

Supplies needed to make monogram birthday cookies:

  • Classic rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in blue, green and white colors
  • Cookie cutter shapes: plaque, scalloped circle, confetti, tiered cake & shield

Steps to make the monogram logo cookie:

Outline shield cookie with white pipe consistency icing.
Fill with flood consistency icing and allow to dry.
Outline shield just inside the edge with pipe consistency icing in blue.
Repeat the outline using green pipe consistency icing inside the blue border.
Pipe the outline of the logo letters.
Flood the letters with blue icing and add green outlines around the letters.

Steps to make the monogram initials cookie:

Outline all the scalloped circles using pipe consistency icing in each of the colors:

Fill all the circles using flood consistency icing in their respective colors and allow to dry.

Add the personalized monogram. Switch the base and letter colors for contrast. Which one do you like best?

Steps to make the confetti cookie:

The confetti cookie is a fun accent cookie. Mix up the colors for variety. Outline the confetti cookies using pipe consistency icing in all the colors.

Using flood consistency icing, fill all the confetti cookies in the same outline colors.

Add the swirly outline using flood consistency icing. Then, flood the sections in the same color.

Since we worked with 3 colors, the base, swirly lines and the polka dots colors are switched around on each of the cookies.

Steps to make the birthday cake cookie:

Outline the two bottom tiers of the cake using pipe consistency icing.
Fill the bottom tier with flood consistency icing and allow to crust for 5 minutes.
Flood the middle tier.
Add blue stripes.
Next, add green stripes.
Now add green polka dots.
Add blue polka dots.
Using blue and green pipe consistency icing, add the candles.
Add the candle wicks.
Create a few different designs using stripes and zig zag shapes.

Steps to make plaque cookie:

Outline each of the plaque cookies with pipe consistency icing in all three colors.

Fill all the cookies using flood consistency icing in the same colors as the outline.

Add Happy Birthday message to the cookies. Again, mixing up the base color and the letter colors for contrast.

Watch this video to see how we made the Monogram Birthday Cookie set: