Okoberfest is best known as the world’s largest beer celebration in Munich, Germany. The annual festival starts September 16th and lasts two weeks, ending the first weekend in October. Originally, the festival was celebrated in October but as time went by, it crept into September as the days are longer and the weather a little warmer. We love an excuse to dress up and this festival does not disappoint. Women wear Dirndl dresses while men wear Lederhosen or leather shorts sometimes with suspenders. Traditionally German foods are served at the festival, some of the most popular being sausages (w├╝rstl) and pretzels (brezen) and of course a lot of beer. We’ve been celebrating this festival for years and never miss an opportunity to include Okoberfest cookies in the celebration.

Notice the large beer keg cake in the background of the photo below. We made it Kimberly’s husband Chris’ 50th birthday party. We hope you find good cheer this Oktoberfest season.

Supplies Needed for Okoberfest Cookies

Supplies for Okoberfest Cookies

Steps to make pretzel cookie:

Outline Okoberfest Pretzel
Outline pretzel shape in brown.
Fill Okoberfest Pretzel parts
Start by filling alternating sections in flood consistency icing.
Add nonpareils to Okoberfest cookies
Immediately add white nonpareils while the icing is still wet and set aside to dry for 5 minutes.
Fill next Okoberfest pretzel segment
Move on to the next section and repeat the previous step. Allow this section to dry before moving on.
Finish off the last section in the same manner.

Steps to make sausage cookie:

Outline Okoberfest sausage
Start by outlining the shape of the sausage with tan and red pipe consistency icing.
Fill Okoberfest sausage bun
Next, fill the bun sections with tan flood consistency icing and set aside to dry for a few minutes.
Fill Okoberfest sausage
Once the buns have set, fill the sausage with red and allow to dry.
Add mustard to Okoberfest Hotdog
To add a squirt of mustard, pipe a wavy line using pipe consistency icing in gold.
Airbrush Okoberfest Bun
Finally, to give the cookie more dimension, spray brown food color on the edge of the top and bottom bun.

Steps to make beer cookie:

Outline Okoberfest Beer
Outline the beer cookie – making sections for the glass bottom, handle, beer, and foam.
Fill Okoberfest Beer
Fill the beer section with gold flood consistency icing and put aside to set.
Fill Okoberfest Beer Foam
Next, fill the bottom of the glass, handle, and foam with white flood consistency icing.
Add details to Okoberfest Beer
After the icing is set, finish with details like swirls for foam and marks on the glass.

Steps to make Dirndl cookie:

Outline Okoberfest Dirdnl
To make a Dirndl cookie, outline shoulder straps and bodice in blue pipe consistency icing.
Fill Okoberfest Dirndl
Fill bodice with blue flood consistency icing and allow to dry.
Outline Okoberfest Dirndl sleeves
After a few minutes, pipe white sleeves.
Fill Okoberfest Dirndl sleeves
Fill sleeves with white flood consistency icing.
Pipe lace on Okoberfest Dirndl
Pipe a thick line of icing around the neckline. Using a dry brush, pull the icing towards the center to create a lace effect while the icing is still wet.
Pipe details on Okoberfest Dirndl
Finish cookie by piping black lines in a crisscross pattern.

Steps to make Lederhosen cookie:

Outline Okoberfest Lederhosen
Outline Lederhosen top in white and bottom in brown.
Fill top of Okoberfest Lederhosen
Fill the top with white flood consistency icing.
Fill bottom of Okoberfest Lederhosen
After a few minutes, fill the bottom with brown flood icing. Allow the icing to dry before moving on.
Pipe braces on Okoberfest Lederhosen
Pipe the suspenders and pocket details on the Lederhosen.
Pipe details on Okoberfest Lederhosen
Pipe gold dots for buttons.

Steps to make Octoberfest plaque cookie:

Fill Okoberfest Plaque
To begin, outline the edge of a plaque cookie in white pipe consistency icing.
Fill Okoberfest Plaque
Next, fill the center with white flood consistency icing and allow icing to dry.
Spray Okoberfest Plaque
Once royal icing has set, place the harlequin stencil over the cookie and spray it with blue airbrush color.
Pipe Okoberfest
Finally, pipe the words Octoberfest in black pipe consistency icing.

Watch to see how we made the whole Octoberfest set here: