Personalized Father’s Day cookies are special and handmade ones even more so. Since every dad is unique, tailor a cookie set for your own father. We were inspired to do these cookies for our fathers because we struggled to come up with a gift idea. What do you get the men who have everything? Of course, our answer is cookies. The next challenge was to come up with cookies that pair with our father’s interests. We were inspired to use the word DAD as a focal point based on their hobbies. Kimberly’s dad is a big golfer while Signa’s dad is a music guru. No matter what your dad’s interests, you can create a unique cookie just for him.

Supplies Needed for Personalized Father’s Day cookies:
Steps for making Personalized Father’s Day cookies:

To personalize Father’s Day cookies for your dad, start listing his hobbies and interests. Add the special things you have done together. Review the list and note specific things that are related to each. For instance, if your father is handy around the house, jot down the tools he uses. Or if you’re favorite family vacation was to the beach, write down the things you did there. Now, trace the outline of a plaque cookie cutter and start doodling some of these items in the shape of the letters D-A-D. Don’t be afraid to change the scale or shape of an item to make it fit the letters better. Try upper and lower case letters to see if one works better than another. When you are happy with your design, switch to icing.

Musical Dad:

Our musical dad design started off with doodles of clefs, notes, and scales. After several attempts to curve a clef scale, we simplified the design to the notes that spell out DAD. We added the name of the note on each for those of us (Kimberly) who are musically challenged. Use this cookie as a focal point and add some simple note cookies to fill out the set.

Musical dad design
Add black lines for musical scale
Pipe musical scale
Musical Dad Personalized Father's Day Cookies
Finally, pipe name of notes
Outline cookie
Next outline cookie
Pipe musical notes
Pipe D-A-D notes
Fill cookie with flood
Fill cookie with flood icing
Fill musical notes
Fill notes with flood icing
Grillmaster Dad:

The grilling dad design had to include a grill background with the tools and food commonly associated with backyard BBQs. For us, that was hotdogs and hamburgers. This personalized father’s day cookie would make the perfect centerpiece for a cookie set with some simple round cookies with a red and white checkered pattern.

Grilling Dad design
Grilling dad design
Airbrush grill lines in silver
Airbrush grill grid with silver
Pipe lower case D with hamburger and spatula
Pipe d with hamburger and grill spatula
Outline cookie
Start by piping outline
Pipe D with grilling fork and hot dogs
Pipe D with grill fork and hot dogs
Grilling Dad Personalized Father's Day cookies
Paint grey with silver food color for shine
Fill with flood
Next, fill with flood icing
Pipe grilling tongues in A shape
Pipe A as grill tongues
Avid Golfer Dad:

Finally, the golfer dad design needed to incorporate clubs, golf balls, sand traps, and the final pin. A simple black line to mimic the arch of a golf swing will finish out the letter D. A platter of smaller golf ball cookies compliments this feature cookie nicely.

Golfer dad design
Pipe circle
Pipe sand trap and sprinkle with sanding sugar
Add a flag pole to complete the lower case d
Finish off D letter with a flag on a pole
Avid Golfer Personalized Father's Day cookies
Lastly, paint grey with silver food color for shine
Outline  cookie in green
First, pipe outline
Add black line to complete the lower case a
Pipe black line to finish off A letter
Pipe a golf club
Pipe golf club for upper case D letter
Fill with flood
Then fill with flood icing
Pipe a circle for the pin
Pipe brown hole and use a brush to smooth out edge
Add a golf ball and swing line
Add a golf ball and black line for swing radius

Whatever your father’s interests, we hope this inspires you to create something unique for him. We’ve summarized all our personalized Father’s Day cookies for you to watch in this video: