We were recently socializing with on of our neighbor Harvey and a fun subject came up during the conversation. We’ve known them for a little over a year. Harvey is always dressed well regardless of the occasion. On this particular day, he was dressed slightly more casual, and most notably, he hadn’t shaved. I casually inquired what was the occasion for not shaving since I’d never seen him unshaven? He announced, “I retired today!” We were all happy for him and listened as he strolled down memory lane about his career. As bloggers we are always looking for inspiration to create a set of cookies. We approached Harvey’s wife who had lots of ideas to help us create this set of Personalized Retirement Cookies in honor of his retirement. Cheers to Harvey and this milestone achievement!

Supplies needed for Personalized Retirement Cookies:

  • Classic rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in colors white, light blue, medium blue, brown and black
  • Cookie cutters: golf clubs, rectangles, plaque and square shapes
  • Edibleart glamorous gold paint, edible markers
  • Gel paste food colors for painting: yellow, orange, red and brown
  • Black sprinkles

Steps to Make Cigar Cookies:

Outline rectangles with light blue pipe consistency icing.
Fill cookies with light blue flood consistency icing. Allow to dry 2 hours.
Place the cookies on a plate, or in this case, we put them inside our sprinkle tray. Pipe black squares at the bottom of the cookie using pipe consistency icing.
Immediately add black sprinkles.
Use a dry paint brush to clean up the excess sprinkles.
Next, outline the cigar shape in brown pipe consistency icing. Be sure to round out the top and don’t create sharp edges.
Fill the cigar shape with brown flood consistency icing.

Make Ahead – Royal Icing transfers for the personalized cigar labels:

Pipe an assortment of cigar label shapes. Allow them to dry for 2 hours.
After drying time, paint with Edibleart glamorous gold to give an antique look. Allow to dry overnight.
We personalized some of the cigars with Harvey’s initials using red and black edible markers.

Steps to Make the Glass of Bourbon Cookies:

Outline square with white pipe consistency icing.
Fill cookie with white flood consistency icing.
We used a line drawing of ice cubes in a glass projected onto the cookie.
It’s helpful to hold the cookie in place with one hand while drawing. Using a black edible marker, outline the glass and ice cubes.
To create the look of bourbon in the glass, the first step is to paint a few layers of yellow gel paste food color diluted with ever-clear grain alcohol. The alcohol allows the paint to dry quickly.
Next, we add several layers of orange and brown gel paste food color.
Finally, we mixed in a little red to the orange and brown gel paste food color to achieve that caramel color.

Steps to Make the Personalized Plaque Cookie:

Outline the entire cookie with medium blue pipe consistency icing.
Next, outline the inside oval shape with medium blue pipe consistency icing.
Now fill each side with medium blue flood consistency icing.
Then fill the center with light blue flood consistency icing. Allow to dry for an hour.
Using a pico projector, write the word congratulations with black pipe consistency icing and a 1.5 PME or Ateco tip.
We used a different font style and icing color for the name. Using medium blue pipe consistency icing, pipe the first name above.
Next, add the last name below using medium blue pipe consistency icing.
The final step is to add a border using medium blue pipe consistency icing.

Steps to Make the Retired Sign Cookie:

Outline rectangle cookie with pipe consistency icing.
Fill cookie with flood consistency icing.
Using brown pipe consistency icing, draw three rectangles stacked over each other. Add a small rectangle centered below.
Using brown flood consistency icing, fill the top and bottom planks.
Immediately paint brown wood grain pattern using a thin brush and brown gel paste food color.
Next, fill the center plank and base with flood consistency icing.
Repeat the steps, painting the brown wood grain pattern using a thin brush and brown gel paste food color.
Using black pipe consistency icing, write the word Retired!

Complete Set of Personalized Retirement Cookies:

Watch This Video To See How We Made Personalized Retirement Cookies: