If your little one is into princesses, make their fairytale come to life with Princess Birthday Cookies. We made this set for a family friend who loves pink, purple, and everything princess. Designing the gowns was so much fun for us. Channel your inner fashion designer and create some cookies yourself. We traced the gown cookie cutter and started sketching ideas for different styles and colors. Check out wedding dresses and princess gowns online for inspiration for various silhouettes. We ended up creating 4 different designs in both pinks and purples for our birthday girl. The number “5” plaque cookies were added to match balloons that were used to decorate the room. Can’t you just imagine a bunch of 5-year-olds swirling around in their dress-up gowns having a blast!

Supplies needed for Princess Birthday Cookies

Supplies for Princess Birthday Cookies

Steps to make layered princess gown

Brush thin layer on purple gown
To give the appearance of different layers and textures, we started this cookie by brushing a warm lavender icing on the sleeves and in the center of the skirt.
Outline purple gown
Next, pipe the bodice and outer skirt, leaving the triangle for the lighter color to show through.
Fill purple gown
Fill the bodice and skirt with purple flood consistency icing. Allow this icing to dry before moving on.
Add details
To finish off this flowy gown, pipe details like dots and swirls along the opening in the skirt.

Steps to make princess ball gown

Outline pink gown
Start by adding an outline for the body of the gown using pink pipe consistency icing.
Fill pink gown
Next fill the area using pink flood consistency icing.
Add white fill
Outline and fill the sleeves and mid section with white icing.
Pipe details
Using pink pipe consistency icing add drape layer detail.

Steps to make princess peplum gown

Outline pink peplum gown
Using pink icing, pipe outline of dress bodice and lower skirt, leaving room for the peplum in the middle.
Fill with light pink
Fill bodice and lower portion of gown skirt with light pink flood consistency icing.
Add dark pink peplums
Immediately, pipe lines from the points of the peplums and fill the middle section of the skirt with dark pink icing.
Princess Birthday Cookies
Pipe a delicate off-the-shoulder strap in white to finish the look.

Steps to make princess a-line gown

For a two-tone look, pipe the bodice and upper skirt in purple. Then pipe lavender puffy sleeves and lower skirt.
Fill lavender areas
Next, fill the sleeves and lower skirt wih lavender flood icing. Allow icing to set for 15 minutes or so.
Fill purple areas
Once lavender icing has set, fill bodice and upper skirt with purple icing. Put aside to dry.
Add details
Finally, pipe waist and drape details to create a flowy look.

Steps to make number plaque cookie

Outline and flood plaque cookie
Outline and fill plaque cookie with white icing. Set aside to dry.
Pipe Number on plaque
Once icing has set, pipe a number on the plaque. We like to project the number so that each plaque is the same but they could be free-handed as well.
Pipe crown on top of number
Because every princess needs a crown, pipe one on top of the number using gold royal icing.
Number Plaque Final
While the crown is still wet, add some sparkly dragées for jewels.

Princess Birthday Cookie Options

Have fun being a fashion designer as you create your own Princess Birthday Cookies!

Watch this video to see how we made Princess Birthday Cookies