Fall is officially upon us. It’s getting a little cooler in the evenings, the days are shorter, trees are turning colors and pumpkins are everywhere. In this Pumpkin Patch Cookies tutorial we will show you how to make pumpkins with a little perspective. Pumpkin cookies are simple to decorate so why not make them a little more unique with colors? We like this combination of fall colors for our Pumpkin Patch Cookies, they are a little softer color than the typical bright orange pumpkin palate. The chocolate cookie backdrop looks great with the colors too.

Supplies needed for Pumpkin Patch Cookies
We used a small flower cookie cutter for this pumpkin. Starting from the center, outline each segment in orange.
Flood every other segment and allow to dry 10 minutes before flooding remaining segments, this allows the segments to remain defined. Add a grey stem and add green leaves using an Ateco no. 65, small leaf tip.
This pumpkin cookie cutter has straight edges so you can create the desired look. Begin by drawing the center segment outline and then draw remaining smaller segments working upward to create the perspective above.
Flood every other segment in blue icing, allow to dry 10 minutes.
Flood remaining segments.
Add grey stem and green leaf.
This upside down bouquet cutter has the pumpkin segments defined and plenty of room for a curly stem.
Flood every other segment, allow to dry 10 minutes and flood remaining segments. Add a grey curly stem and green leaf.
Draw the center segment outline in ivory and then draw remaining smaller segments working upward.
Flood every other segment using ivory icing. Add a grey stem and green leaf.
Outline plaque cutter with grey icing.
Flood cookie in grey icing and allow to dry 20 minutes.
Using a pico projector, add wording in a fun font and an arrow in different colors.
Pumpkin Patch Cookie Set
Pumpkin Patch Cookies