Let’s get to the root of our hair color with Quarantine Hair Cookies. A little laughter seems to help these days. Honestly, are you not just a little curious about what exactly is your natural hair color? Neither are we, but here we are on the edge of embracing do-it-yourself hair color! Hota Kotb recently said, “We are a few months away from no more blondes.” In case you are interested in DIY hair color tips, take a look at this clip from celebrity stylist Chris Appleton here. Otherwise, wash those hands, roll up your sleeves, and let’s have some fun creating quarantine hair cookies.

Supplies Needed to Make Quarantine Hair Cookie Set:
Quarantine Hair Supplies Needed
  • Sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe
  • Variety of different people/faces cookie cutters
  • Mini paisley cookie cutter
  • Royal icing colors for eyes (white, black and iris colors of choice)
  • Skin tone royal icing
  • Hair color royal icing
Making Quarantine Hair:

Plan out cookie designs in pencil before committing to icing. Try out different colors and types of hair on cookies. You can practice by making hair swatch cookies using the paisley cutter. Now for the funny part, add roots in grey, black or even white.

Moving on to the face, pipe outline with pipe consistency and fill with flood icing. While icing is still wet, add royal icing eye transfer. Eyes should be in line with the top of the ears. Allow icing to set up for about 15 minutes.

Pipe face with skin tone

Using the same skin tone icing, pipe eye lids above eyes. Pipe a dot for the nose and using a scribe or toothpick, pull the dot upwards towards the eyes.

Next, pipe elongated circles for ears on side of head in skin tone. Then pipe mouth with red. Allow cookies to dry overnight.

Pipe facial features

Now add some expression to the face by piping eyebrows above the eyes. Using an edible marker, CAREFULLY draw in lashes. Lastly, add a brush stroke of petal dust at the check.

Pipe eyebrows, draw lashes and get checks some blush

Check out this video for all the steps and good luck with your own roots!