We gave it a try, but honestly, the Tiger King show is not for us. However, that doesn’t mean we are not fans of tigers. There is something about them that is mesmerizing. The pattern of the tiger’s coat is truly striking with sunset-orange contrasting with the sharp black. It’s no surprise that these beautiful creatures have held the fascination of humans for centuries. Since the Tiger King is all people are watching and talking about these days, we had to try realistic tiger pattern cookies to jump on the bandwagon. You can’t get those hours back from watching the show, but you can enjoy making these tiger pattern cookies to make up for it.

Supplies needed for Realistic Tiger Pattern Cookie Set
Cookies and icing for Tiger King Cookie Set
Airbrush, stencil and icing for Tiger King Cookie Set
Crown and K Cookies

The tiger pattern cookie had to be the star of this set, so we made the other cookies very simple. Red is such a regal color we decided to use that for our K cookies. Simply outline the crown and K cookies with a pipe consistency icing. Then fill with flood consistency icing. Add dragées to the crown for jewels or pipe red dots.

  • Crown outlined
    Outline crown
  • Crown Filled
    Fill crown
  • Crown with jewels
    Add dragées
  • K outlined
    Outline K
  • K filled
    Fill K
Tiger Pattern Cookies

The trick to making realistic tiger pattern cookies is to layer the colors. Start with white icing. Outline the cookie, flood and allow to dry completely overnight. Airbrush a light layer of lemon yellow as a base, leaving area on both sides white. Next, add a light spray of copper color over the yellow, leaving a little yellow showing through on the sides. Follow that with a layer of orange, leaving some of the yellow and cooper showing. Finish up with a coat of warm brown so that the color is heavier in the middle of the cookie.

Using a medium consistency (sort of like toothpaste), pipe black onto a stencil scraper. We have used a variety of things to scrap icing from a cleaned credit card to a piece of acetate to an official “stencil scraper”. All of them work basically the same. The most important thing is that the scraper should be wider than your stencil. Scrape icing over stencil, making sure that you have filled all the open areas with a thin coat of icing. You can go back over areas to ensure complete coverage. It may take several passes. Lift one corner of the stencil and gently peel off cookie. You won’t be disappointed with the results! Stencil can be used again many times before cleaning.

Watch this video to see how to make the realistic tiger pattern cookies: