The US Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis is often shortened to Semper Fi and means “always faithful” in Latin. It is used as a greeting, motivation and expression that unites all Marines both past and present. When a friend’s son was recently commissioned into the Marines, we had to make up a batch of cookies to honor him and his commitment to serve our country. This set of Semper Fi cookies is dedicated to all those who serve, no matter what branch!

Supplies needed for Semper Fi cookies

Supplies go Semper Fi cookies

Steps to make Semper Fi cookie

Choose a Latin looking font for the words to add to the overall feel of the cookie. Something with serifs, those little strokes at the ends of the letters, works well. For even more drama, add more length to the bottom of some of the letters.

Outline Semper Fi cookie
To begin, outline a long rectangle with gold pipe consistency icing.

Flood Semper Fi cookie
Fill the middle with red flood consistency icing and set aside to dry.
Pipe Semper Fi
Next, pipe “Semper Fi” in the center of the cookie and allow icing to set.
Paint Semper Fi with gold
Finish cookies by painting the letters with edible gold paint.

Steps to make Marine uniform cookie

The traditional dress blue uniform of the Marines stands out and is so iconic. We love the dark blue base and the pops of color with red, white and gold details.

Outline heart cookie
Using red icing, outline the shape of a heart cookie.
Fill heart with blue
Next, fill the center with blue flood consistency icing and put aside to set up.
Pipe uniform details
To add the details of the uniform, pipe a line down the center in red and add a collar at the top. Pipe pocket flaps in blue on each side of the chest.
Pipe additional uniform details
Once icing has set, pipe a white belt, gold belt buckle, and dots for buttons.
Paint gold buttons on uniform
Finish by painting all the gold with metallic edible paint.

Steps to make Ooh-Rah cookie

Since Ooh-rah is the common battle cry of Marines we had to include it in the set too.

Outline Ooh-rah cookie
Outline the fall banner cookie with white pipe consistency icing.
Flood Ooh-rah cookie
Fill the center of the fall banner cookie with white flood consistency icing.
Pipe Ooh-rah
Pipe the phrase “Ooh-Rah” in the center of the banner.
Add border for Ooh-rah cookie
Using gold icing, pipe the banner details around the edge.
Paint Ooh-rah cookie
Once the gold icing is dry, paint with edible gold metallic paint.

Steps to make star flag cookie

Turn a star cookie into a flag!

Outline star flag cookie
Create a “corner” on the top left hand side of the star by piping blue around the edge and in the middle of the star cookie. Next, pipe the remainder of the star edge in white.
Add stars to star flag cookie
Fill the blue area with blue flood consistency icing and immediately pipe white dots for the stars.
Add stripes to star flag cookie
Using flood consistency icing, fill the rest of the star with white and then immediately pipe red lines for the stripes.

Semper Fi set

See how we made the entire Semper Fi set here: