I can honestly say there isn’t a time I enter the ocean that I don’t wonder if there is a shark nearby. The movie Jaws griped generations of swimmers by instilling the fear and respect we owe to sharks. Sharks don’t just have a national day, they have a week dedicated to celebrating their wonder. Shark week cookies embrace that fear and hit it head on. Stay safe and don’t get bit!

Supplies needed for Shark Week Cookies
Cut out a circle and three triangles. Using the circle cutter, cut the inside edge of the triangles so they fit around the circle. Gently push them together so that they adhere to the circle while they bake.
After baking it will look like this.
Dilute black royal icing with water and paint a large circle. This will be the inside of the shark’s mouth. Allow to dry for 20 minutes.
Draw an outline for the mouth and face with white icing.

Flood area, avoiding the inside of the mouth.
Outline the face and shark fins with gray icing.

Fill in gray icing and add eyes.
Add details like eyebrows, nose and teeth. Fill in the fins.
Look at those teeth!
Outline the white underbelly of the shark
Flood the white belly and outline the shark with gray icing.
Flood the body with gray icing.

Don’t forget those teeth, add an eye, a few gills and the bottom fin.
Using white icing, outline and flood left side of surf board.
Repeat the steps using blue icing on the right side of surf board.
Pipe a blue hibiscus flower, drag a scribe tool gently from the outside of petal to the middle.
This board’s colors are separated top to bottom. Light blue outline and flood icing.

Add navy blue icing on the bottom half of board.

Draw stripes and add a hibiscus flower in white.
Three different shark bite surf board designs.
Outline the square in black and flood with orange icing.
Write letters and add a dorsal fin for effect.
Check out the video to learn how to make Shark Week Cookies!