Mother’s Day is the official occasion to show the mother figure in your life how much you appreciate her and all that she does for the family. It is a day to make an extra-special effort to recognize your mother’s role in your life. Most mothers will agree that they would prefer an opportunity to connect with their children and spend time with the family on this special day versus expensive gifts. However, no matter how old you are, a homemade gift is a way to show how much you care. Make simple mom cookies to celebrate the mother figure in your life. Hint, hint from two moms: mothers love gifts from the heart!

Supplies needed for simple mom cookies

Supplies for Simple Mom Cookies

Steps to make simple mom cookies

Add a dash of elegance to the background of these simple mom cookies using stencils! You can easily personalize the background of the cookie to suit your mother. Both of our mothers like flowers so we selected a variety of flower stencils for these cookies. Although we make many of our own stencils for customized cookies and logos, we also purchase a lot of stencils from other vendors. Some of our favorites are 2T’s Stencils, The Cookie Countess, and Killer Zebras.

Outline simple mom cookies
Start by outlining a plaque cookie with pipe consistency icing.
Fill simple mom cookies
Next, fill with flood consistency icing.
Dry Overnight
Now the hard part, you must allow time to let the icing completely harden so dry overnight.
Stencil prep for simple mom cookies
On your stencil scraper, pipe a line of alternating icing colors.
Lay stencil on simple mom cookies
Place the stencil on top of the cookie, hold it down with one hand, and drag the icing-filled scrapper across the top of the cookie. Make sure that you have covered the entire cookie and scrape away excess icing so its an even layer.
Carefully lift the stencil off the cookie and wipe off any excess icing around the edges of the cookie for a clean look. Set aside to dry for 15 minutes.
Pipe mom
To finish the cookie, pipe the outline of the word mom.
Fill mom letters
Finally, using flood consistency icing, fill in the mom letters.

Change up the stencil to create a variety of background patterns using the same icing colors!

Variety of mom cookies

Watch how we made these simple Mom cookies: