Happy Birthday America! Although Independence Day has only been a national holiday since 1941, Americans have been celebrating their independence since the 18th century. This year celebrate the 4th of July with Stars and Fireworks cookies. Using only two cookie cutters and three royal icing colors you can create endless designs. Show up to your BBQ or beach party with cookies your friends and family will admire.

Supplies needed to make Stars and Fireworks Cookies
Supplies for Stars and Fireworks Cookies
It’s time for the fun part…decorating!

Prepare all the cookies with a solid color base and allow to dry. Now it’s time to decorate. You can use royal icing and sprinkles to decorate. We used both techniques and love the color combinations and textures. Stars and stripes are quintessentially patriotic so we made sure to decorate our stars with a variety of striped and dotted patterns.

4th of July is also special because it’s Kimberly’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kimberly. Can you imagine a more perfect date to celebrate your birthday? The entire country is in a festive mood. Watch our how to video below to make your own stars and fireworks cookies.