June marks the official start to summertime. Since our travel plans are altered this summer, we are traveling to the beach via cookie decorating. We went with a soft pastel color scheme for these summertime beach cookies. While jellyfish are never fun to come across at the beach, they sure are cute cookies to make. Especially with their colorful tentacles. But by far, my favorite sea creature is the sea horse. It’s a delicate and beautiful creature, and of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the only male fish to give birth to its babies.

Supplies needed to make summertime beach cookies
Outline and fill the octopus head and add a few squiggly lines for the tentacles
Add polka dots and more tentacles in different colors.
Using a different color for the seahorse, outline and flood
Using an alternate color, add details
The iconic pink for the flamingo, add orange legs
Give her wings and she will fly, plus add an eye
Trace the outline and flood the star fish
Working from the center, add a large dot, then add dots so each one is smaller spreading out to the star fish legs
Outline and flood the shell
While the icing is still wet, add lines lines in a half circle shape across the shell. Take a toothpick and drag it from the top to the bottom center wiping the toothpick with a wet paper towel after each drag
Outline and flood the plaque cookie. Let dry for several hours or overnight
Using a pico projector, outline the word Beach, then fill the letters using all the colors. We added a palm tree and sunshine

Do you have a favorite beach destination? Wherever it may be, I hope you get there soon. Cheers to sunny days ahead.

Watch this video to help you plan your summertime beach cookie set: