Baby it’s cold outside and it’s time to break out those comfy chunky sweaters. Fall is the season where the long summer days become shorter and the weather becomes noticeably cooler with crisp mornings and beautiful foliage on the trees. We wanted to create one last fall post before we jump into making this year’s holiday cookies. We like this set because we have re-purposed the classic ribbon cookie cutter to make a scarf. It’s always a bonus when you can use cookie cutters for more than one design. Make these Sweater Weather sugar cookies to warm up the cooler fall days.

Supplies Needed to Make Sweater Weather Cookies:

Sweater Weather Cookies

Steps to make sweater cookie:

Outline cookie using pipe consistency icing. Add a collar, cuffs and band at the bottom.
Using flood consistency icing, fill in the collar, cuffs and bottom band. Allow icing to set for 5 minutes.
Next add fill the body of the sweater with flood consistency icing. Allow to set for 5 minutes.
Using pipe consistency icing, add the squiggle detail on the collar, cuffs and bottom band.
Now add two vertical lines down the middle using pipe consistency icing.
Starting from the top add a zig zag pattern between the lines using pipe consistency icing.
Next, finish the zig zag pattern crossing over the first set of lines.
Finally, add vertical lines on either side of the zig zag pattern.

Steps to make the scarf cookie:

Outline the scarf shape using pipe consistency icing.
Fill the bottom section with flood consistency icing.
Next, for the fringe detail use pipe consistency icing. Pipe a small dot against the edge of the scarf, release the pressure on the piping bag and drag the icing toward the edge of the cookie. (see video below)
Now, using pipe consistency icing, repeat the zig zag pattern on the short side of the scarf.
Starting from the bottom right end of the scarf, add two vertical lines using pipe consistency icing.
Finally, add the zig zag pattern using pipe consistency icing.

Steps to make hat cookie:

Outline the band, hat and pom pom using pipe consistency icing.
Fill the hat band and the pom pom with flood consistency icing. Allow to dry for 5 minutes.
Next fill the rest of the hat using flood consistency icing.
Add a swirly pattern on the pom pom, a zig zag pattern across the hat and a squiggle pattern along the hat band using pipe consistency icing.

Purple Sweater Set:

Sweater Weather Cookie Designs:

Using the other royal icing colors you can create your own sets of single tone sweater cookie sets, or mix it up like we did. Get creative and design a set you might like to wear, or eat!

Check out our video tutorial: