One of the things we like to do is start planning our Thanksgiving table, menu, and decorations early. This way, we can spend more time with our friends and family on the actual day. The anticipation and planning of the day are often one of the highlights of the holiday. We start “talking turkey” well before the actual day. This even applies to our cookies. We make them a couple of weeks in advance, seal them in a ziplock bag, and place them in the freezer. When we want them, we pull them out and allow them to come to room temperature before serving them on a platter or cookie jar. This Thanksgiving, we are so excited to have a chance to catch up with friends and family. We are looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and a cookie and hearing what everyone has been up to lately. These Talk Turkey to Me Cookies are sure to be a conversation starter.

Supplies needed for Talk Turkey to Me Cookies

Supplies for Talk Turkey to Me

Steps to make Turkey Cookies:

Outline circle on turkey
To get a perfect circle for the turkey body, trace a round cookie cutter with an edible marker.
Talk Turkey to Me cookie base
Use a light color marker like grey or yellow.
Pipe icing on turkey body
Fill the turkey body with tan royal icing and put it aside to set for a few minutes.
Outline turkey feathers
After the body has set, pipe the outline of the wings and feathers in brown.
Fill in turkey wings
Fill the wings with tan flood consistency icing. Immediately pipe another wing line in brown for a wet-on-wet effect.
Fill orange feathers
Fill two feathers in orange icing and pipe feather details in white. The longer you let the icing on these feathers set before moving on, the more definition you will have in the feathers.
Fill gold feathers
When the orange feathers have dried for a few minutes, fill two of the feathers in gold and then replicate the feather detail in white while the gold icing is still wet.
Fill red feather
Finally, finish the last feather by piping in red and adding the detail in white. Allow the feathers to dry before moving on.
Add turkey head
Pipe a small circle for the head of the turkey at the base of the feathers. Allow head to set up.
Pipe eyes and beak
Pipe two small circles for eyes and add a dot of brown for the pupils. We made our turkey eyes sort of crossed for a humous effect. Then pipe a triangle for the beak.
Add wattle
Last, but not least, pipe a little wattle in red to make the turkey come to life.

Steps to make Talk Turkey to Me Cookie:

Outline plaque cookie
Outline the edges of a plaque cookie with pipe consistency icing.
Fill plaque cookie
Using a flood consistency icing, fill the center of the plaque cookie and set it aside to dry for about 30 minutes.
Pipe Talk Turkey to Me
Pipe turkey in one font and pipe “talk” and “to me” in another font using a different color.
Talk Turkey to Me Set
This Talk Turkey to Me set will be a welcome addition to your dessert table for Thanksgiving this year!

Watch this video to see how we made Talk Turkey to Me Cookies