We like to make cookies for any occasion, even Thanksgiving. But most people will agree Thanksgiving is a pie holiday. Whether you like pumpkin, apple, pecan, or maybe just a sliver of each, its definitely a pie holiday. One way to add cookies to the holiday celebration is to create Thanksgiving placecard cookies. They welcome guests to the table and they have a treat to save for later. Personalize your Thanksgiving table this year with these placecard cookies. We used a flower cookie cutter to create a pumpkin.

Supplies needed for Thanksgiving placecard cookies:

Starting and ending in the center, draw around the petal aka pumpkin segment
Work your way around each segment starting from the center
Third segment
Fourth segment
Flood two segments that are not adjacent, allow to dry 10 minutes. The drying time gives the individual segments definition so they don’t all flow together
Flood two more segments and allow to dry 10 minutes
Finally, flood the final segment, allow to dry 20 minutes
Starting from the center, draw a stem using brown icing and add a circle at the top, allow to dry 10 minutes
Using white icing, draw the outline of a banner and flood, allow to dry about 20 minutes. Be sure to make it nice and big so you don’t have to squeeze writing in a small space
Meanwhile, it’s time to add the stem details. Add a few lines starting from the bottom of the stem and stopping just below the circle. Flood the small circle and draw another line around it for definition
Personalize the banner with your guests names, they will be delighted to have a personalized cookie at their holiday place setting