Halloween is definitely a candy holiday. Over the 10 years of running our custom order cookie business, we can count the number of Halloween orders received on one hand. We are totally serious, there were 2 orders! During this spooky season, we had one large order each year but it was for undecorated cookies for a local school’s fundraiser. This order was a personal favorite because we could produce 500+ cookies in a day and we didn’t have to decorate them – the kids did. Each year we created one Halloween-theme cookie set for ourselves and to post on social media. Here is a selection of our throwback Halloween cookies over the years.

Our first Halloween set:

First halloween

This first set was a corporate order for a local orthodontist. They distributed Halloween cookies gift boxes to referring dental offices all over town. We found this funny because they were giving sugar cookies to cavity fighters. More importantly, it began our foray into planning, preparing, and packaging corporate orders and gifts. This later morphed into gifts like boo bags too.

Halloween collection

As our cookie cutter collection grew, so did our design options. We challenged ourselves to use the traditional Halloween symbols, motifs and colors, but with new shapes like these stick cookies below.

Halloween sticks

New Equipment and Techniques:

The discovery of a pico projector allowed us to produce the same design or wording over multiple cookies. This was a game changer for us to create corporate logos which have to be perfect. For larger orders we could both work on the same cookie design with identical results.

Halloween haunted house

Next came an airbrush and Cricut cutter. As with all new tools, there is a learning curve – some steeper than others. We have a love/hate relationship with our airbrush. Taking an airbrush class really helped us understand the features of the machine, how to fix it, and troubleshoot when things go wrong. We love the airbrush for the texture, background, and shimmer effects it can provide. On the flip side, we hate side spray, clogging, and how a splatter can ruin a cookie when you least expect it. More recently we purchased a Cricut cutter. We have come to love the versatility that the Cricut cutter provides. We can create our own designs or replicate a corporate logo to make a stencil for use with an airbrush or for scrapping a design onto the cookie with royal icing. Check out our how-to post HERE on stencil making for more information.

Halloween Stencils

The Black and White years:

Typically our custom cookie orders provided the inspiration for our FB and IG posts. Because of Halloween’s candy focus, we were basically on our own for design ideas. The simplicity of black and white is appealing to us, plus it makes clean up a lot easier. With a square cookie cutter, we created the full segmented skeleton. Just look at those hands! Signa hates spiders so naturally Kimberly created a spider set to surprise her. The spiders and monogram cookie are created on the same plaque shape cookie cutter as the white on white scream theme set below.

Halloween Skeleton
Halloween spider
Halloween white

We enjoyed looking back at our work to make this throwback Halloween cookie post. Hope you enjoy seeing our journey!