For those of you who know us, sports are pretty big in our lives. And for Kimberly, college football in particular. Since the college football playoffs are on New Year’s Eve, we figured we’d celebrate the holiday touchdown style. The games will be on all day in the house, so why not countdown to the New Year over the course of the day? The colors black and white work well for New Year’s Eve, as a sort of chalkboard-look for football, and of course, they represent the referee’s uniforms. We used stencils to decorate the cookies and added disco dust for a little New Year’s flare. These touchdown to the New Year cookies will be a great addition to college football’s greatest day of the year. Cheers to the New Year and hoping your favorite team is victorious.

Supplies needed for Touchdown to the New Year Cookies:

Supplies for Touchdown to the New Years Cookies

Steps to make Touchdown to the New Year Cookies:

To begin, outline the edges of all the cookie shapes in black pipe consistency icing:

Large circle outline
Small circle outline
Rectangle outline

Next, fill the middle of the cookie with a flood consistency icing:

Large circle filled
Small circle filled
Rectangle filled

Allow cookies to dry completely overnight.

Place 2 Notta Cookies on either side of a cookie and position stencil on top. Using royal icing that is the consistency of peanut butter, scrape the base layer onto the cookies and gently lift the stencil off. You can reuse the stencil many times before cleaning.

Stencil on circle cookie
Scrape on circle cookie
Outline from stencil on circle cookie
Large circle for clock
On the large circle, position the ref in the middle, leaving room for the numbers around the perimeter.
Outline from stencil on circle cookie
On the small circle, position the ref near the bottom, leaving room for a number above.
Rectangle with words
The stencil is centered on the rectangle.

Set aside to dry for about 15 minutes.

We tested out different methods for adding some New Year’s sparkle to specific areas on the cookies. First, we sprayed gold directly onto the cookie with an airbrush. However, the gold didn’t show up on the black. Second, we scraped the numbers using a silkscreen stencil and spritzed them with gold disco dust before removing the stencil. As you can see, not enough of the gold disco dust remains on the cookie. Third, we used a food-grade plastic stencil to scrape numbers onto and then spritzed with gold disco dust. We found that the gold disco dust didn’t have the showy effect on the white that we were looking for.

Testing different methods for adding sparkle to Touchdown to the New Year Cookies

So, we ended up preferring the following tone-on-tone white look. Using a food-grade plastic stencil, scrape royal icing onto the cookies. Leave the stencil in place and spritz it with white disco dust. Carefully left the stencil off the cookie and set it aside to dry.

Position stencil on cookie
Position stencil on cookie.
Scrape clock numbers
Scrape royal icing over the stencil.
Spritz with disco dust
Spritz with disco dust.

The white disco dust really adds special sparkle for the New Year!

Touchdown to the New Year clock
Sparkle added to the clock numbers.
Touchdown to the New Year Number
Sparkly numbers for the countdown.
Sparkle added to the football.

We can’t wait to put them out on a platter for our guests.

Touchdown to the New Year Set

Watch how we made the Touchdown to the New Year Cookies here: