These United by Love cookies were inspired by the Humanae Project by AngĂ©lica Dass. In her photography, Dass challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity. She places portraits in front of a Pantone background that matches the subject’s skin tone. In doing so, you start to think about color and race in a new way. We especially love to hear how she describes the variety of skin tones she has in her mixed-race family, “dark chocolate, cinnamon with a pinch of hazel and honey, somewhere between vanilla and strawberry yogurt”. When thinking about all the beautiful colors of skin out there, what is a better way to show that we are all united than with a heart.

Supplies needed for United by Love Cookies:

Supplies needed for United by Love Cookies

Steps for making United by Love Cookies:

The fun part of making these cookies is the color mixing for all the different skin tones! First, we started by mixing up 3 icing colors and used those straight out of the bottle without adding additional colors. #3 is straight Americolor Chocolate Brown, #4 is Americolor Blush and #6 is Americolor Ivory. For #2, we used equal parts Americolor Chocolate Brown, Espresso, and Ivory. Next, we used more food color in equal parts of Americolor Chocolate Brown and Espresso to create #1. Finally, #5 is a mixture of Blush and Ivory with a tiny bit of Pro-Gel Strawberry.

Once you have mixed up the skin tone colors and a black pipe consistency icing, you can begin decorating.

Outline interlocking hands
Start by outlining the two interlocked hands on a large heart shaped cookie.
Fill first hand for United by Love Cookies
Fill one hand with a skin tone of your choice
Fill second hand
Next, fill palm of second hand as well as alternating fingers
Fill remaining fingers
Finally, after the icing has set for about 5 minutes, fill in remaining fingers

Now, mix it up using different skin tones for the left and right hands:

United by Love Cookie set

Watch how we made our United by Love heart cookies here: