LOVE is in the air. Bake a batch of Valentine’s Love Cookies with your special someone. Dutch chocolate cacao powder is the secret to the rich dark chocolate color of these gluten free cookies. The cookie is a little less sweet which makes it the perfect combination to decorate with royal icing.

Supplies needed for Valentine’s Love Cookies:

  • Gluten free chocolate cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in colors: blue, 3 shades of pink and white
  • Cookie cutter shapes: Ximena cakes curly upper case letters, assorted hearts and lips

Steps to make L-O-V-E cookies:

The rich dark chocolate is a nice contrast with the bright pink royal icing. All of the colors we used for this set look great with the chocolate cookie base.

Outline curly L with pink pipe consistency icing.
Fill the cookie with blue flood consistency icing. Immediately add pink dots of flood consistency icing.
Next, add white dots of flood consistency icing over the bottom half of the pink dots.
Now, starting at the top, gently drag a toothpick along the shape of the letter to create the hearts. Look how clever you are!
This O cookie was created using a heart cookie cutter to remove the center shape. Outline this cookie around the border and the interior heart shape with pipe consistency icing.
Next, fill the cookie with blue flood consistency icing and immediately add large pink dots around the cookie.
Now, using a toothpick, gently drag from the center of the dot to the left side and then to the right, wiping off the toothpick each time. Finally, drag the toothpick from the blue icing into the center of the pink dot. You made lips!
Add assorted white polka dots as a little accent.
Outline the V with pink pipe consistency icing.
Next, fill the cookie with blue flood consistency icing. Immediately add pink dots up and down both sides of the letter.
Next, gently drag a toothpick from the top down to create hearts.
Continue with the second side, gently drag a toothpick from the top down. Finally, fill in the gaps with white polka dots.
Outline the E with pink pipe consistency icing.
Fill the cookie with blue flood consistency icing. Now, using pink flood consistency icing, add a line over the blue icing.
Next, add white polka dots in flood consistency icing along the pink line.
Finally, gently drag a toothpick along the entire letter to create the heart shapes.
Blue L-O-V-E cookie set
Pink L-O-V-E cookie set. We used the same decorating techniques for both sets. One difference is we used pink nonpareils for the center of the O cookie. We outlined the inside heart shape with pink pipe consistency icing and immediately poured mini pink-nonpareils over the wet icing. Then, we outlined the border of the cookie and finished decorating.

Steps to make scalloped heart cookies:

First, outline the scalloped heart cookie with pink pipe consistency icing. Don’t start the outline all the way to the edge, this cookie looks pretty with a little border showing.
Next, fill the cookie with blue flood consistency icing.
Immediately add rows of the dark pink chevron shape.
Now, using a different shade of pink in flood consistency icing, add more chevron shapes in between the first set.
Next, using a toothpick, start from the center and gently drag a line from the top to the bottom of the cookie. Repeat this step working your way to the outer edge gently dragging the toothpick in a bowed shape as shown above. Be sure to clean the toothpick with a damp paper towel each time you start at the top of the cookie. Repeat the steps on the right side.
Blue heart cookie with dark and medium pink chevron detail.
This cookie uses a light pink background and medium and dark pink chevron detail.
Finally, this cookie has a medium pink background color and light and dark pink icing colors for the chevron detail.

Steps to make stencil heart cookies:

Again, outline the heart cookies with pipe consistency icing in all four colors.
Next, fill each cookie with flood consistency icing and allow to dry overnight.
Stencil Icing needs to be extra thick to hold its shape. Add 2 Tablespoons of powdered sugar to 1/4 cup pipe consistency icing and mix well. This will create a thick icing consistency that is ideal for stenciling.
Scrape the thick icing over your stencil. This cookie has a light pink background and dark pink stencil icing.
Consider using a different icing color than the base cookie, it really makes the image pop.
The blue stencil icing color looks great on the dark pink background.
Or, for a softer stenciled image, this is a tone on tone look.

Steps to make arrow through the heart cookies:

Outline the heart in pink pipe consistency icing.
Now, outline the arrow with blue pipe consistency icing.
Fill the arrow with blue icing.
Immediately fill the heart with pink icing.
Finally, using blue pipe consistency icing, start at the top in the center and work your way around the left side of the heart keeping a little border. Continue with one long line and spell the word love in cursive letters and finish the heart at the top.

Valentine’s Love Cookies:

Watch this video to see how we made Valentine’s Love Cookies: