Ok, we’ll admit it, we have a mild obsession with fun fonts! These ways to say thank you cookies are a perfect approach to show your gratitude to anyone. Who wouldn’t feel appreciated with all these different words of thanks? When we were baking cookies for orders, we loved figuring out the perfect font for each set. Matching the look of the typeface to the theme of the set takes the cookies to another level. For young children, we favor simple sans serif fonts in all lower case letters. A women’s birthday calls for something with more curves and flair. Whereas fonts that have serifs are more formal and masculine.

simple, all lower case font for younger children
Curvy fonts for a feminine feel
Serif fonts for a more3 formal or masculine look
Characteristics of Fonts

In light of the fact that fonts play an essential role in design, attention should be paid to words piped on cookies too. Typefaces not only set the mood but evoke emotions too. There are several font characteristics that can be adjusted when writing or piping words:

  • Weight – the thickness of line (thin, regular or bold) can be adjusted in icing by using different tip sizes
  • Width – general shape of font which can be piped condensed, regular or expanded
  • Contrast – letters that have both thick and thin lines (for example script which has a thicker down stroke) can be achieved with adjusting piping pressure or going over down strokes with a second piped line
  • x-height – distance between the baseline and waistline can be adjusted
  • Serifs – little decorative strokes that finish off a letter can be added

Explore options for fonts on many free websites like Dafont or purchase fonts for download as well. However, please check on the licensing agreements as many are only good for personal use.

Before you even begin baking, practice writing in different fonts with a pencil and paper. Play with the overall shape of the letters. For example, write using tall thin letter or wide letters. Next, move the waistline up or down and try writing letters using a high or low crossbar. Certainly experiment altering the shape of the crossbar. Investigate adding serifs to your letters. Dots, lines and swirls added to the end of larger strokes will change the look and feel dramatically. Add some variations to letters by extending some of the strokes above the ascender line or below the descender line. Finally, mix up a word with upper and lower case letters. For the most part, the possibilities are endless!

Supplies Needed for Ways to Say Thank You Cookies
  • To start, outline with pipe consistency icing
  • Next, fill with flood consistency icing in color of choice
  • Allow icing to dry
  • Finally, pipe thank you in any language

Have fun and make lots of different shapes to add words of gratitude!

Watch how to create thank you cookies in many ways with this video: