Nothing says weekend more then relaxing on a comfy chair under an umbrella on a hot summer day with a refreshing cocktail. When we started brainstorming ideas for summer cookie sets, we were inspired by a photo of some pink, light turquoise and teal umbrellas. We thought about how we love to spend down time reading under the shade of an umbrella. It doesn’t matter if we are at the beach, lake, pool or backyard as long as there is a cozy chair to curl up in, we can read for hours. Add a cocktail to the mix and you have the perfect day! Get into your weekend vibes by making this fun cookie set.

Supplies needed for Weekend Vibes Cookies

  • Classic sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in white, grey, pink, light turquoise, and teal
  • Cookie cutters – rectangle, circle, front angle bus, hurricane glass, and margarita glass
  • Grey edible marker
  • White dragée

Steps to make plaque cookie

Outline plaque for weekend vibes
Begin by outlining a rectangle for the weekend vibes cookies.
Flood plaque for weekend vibes
Next, fill the rectangle with flood consistency icing.
Pipe weekend vibes on rectangle
After the icing has set, pipe a curved line and words on rectangle.
Pipe dots for weekend vibes cookie
Finish cookie by adding dots in alternating colors to bring a pop of fun to the cookie.

Steps to make umbrella cookies

Outline umbrella sections for weekend vibes cookies
To make the sun umbrella, start by piping a plus sign in the middle of a large round cookie, then pipe two more lines to divide each section in half. Next, pipe a reversed curve shape on every other section.
Fill white for umbrella cookies
Fill these sections with a white flood consistency icing and set aside to set before moving on.
Fill cover for umbrella cookie
Add colored sections to the umbrella by piping a reverse curve shape on each of the remaining sections in alternating colors and fill. Allow time for the icing to set.
Add top section for umbrella cookie
Add wind vent detail to the center of the umbrella that mimics the larger umbrella pieces in the same manner. Finish of with a dragée in the center.

Steps the make Adirondack chair cookies

Mike from Semi Sweet did a wonderful tutorial on making Adirondack chair cookies a few years back and we used his template for our design. We downloaded his template and displayed it on the PICO as a guideline.

Adirondack chair step one
Using the template as a guide, pipe sections of the Adirondack chair that do not touch each other first.
Adirondack chair step two
After icing has set, add additional sections of the chair around the arms and seat areas and set aside to set.
Adirondack chair step three
Next, fill in areas of armrests to complete the chair and allow to dry.
Adirondack chair step 4
Once icing is dry, draw wood grain pattern on each section using an edible marker.
Weekend vibes chairs and umbrella
Can’t you imagine read for hours in one of these colorful chairs?

Steps to make frozen drink cookies

Frozen drink outline
To make a frozen cocktail cookie, begin by outlining a hurricane shape, leaving space for a straw near the top.
Frozen cocktail step 2
Next, pipe a straw at the top and fill the bottom of the stemware with a flood consistency icing.
Frozen cocktail step 3
Fill the inside of the cocktail glass with two different shades of icing putting the darker shade on the bottom, giving it the effect of a frozen beverage.
Frozen cocktail step 4
Finally, pipe an oval at the rim of the glass and at the top of the liquid to give the glass volume.

Steps to make a straight-up cocktail

To begin, pipe the outline of a margarita glass cookie, leaving the top rim blank and set aside to dry.
Straight up cocktail 2
Next, pipe an elongated oval for the top rim and sprinkle with sanding sugar. Brush away any stray sanding sugar form the cookie.
Straight up cocktail 3
Fill the cocktail glass with a pink flood consistency icing.
Straight up cocktail 4
Finish off the straight-up cocktail cookie by filling the stem of the glass with flood consistency icing.
Weekend vibes cocktail cookies
How do you like your cocktails – frozen, on the rocks , or straight-up?

Weekend vibes cookie set

Watch this video to see how the complete set was made: