Moving to a new city and into a new neighborhood can be emotional. When you greet new people with warm smiles and cookies, it can make the transition much easier. Take it one step further and invite a few others from the neighborhood over so your new neighbor can meet more people. One of my neighbors just invited an intimate group of us over for brunch recently so we could welcome a new neighbor to our hive. Once I heard what she was planning to do, I couldn’t wait to design these Welcome to the Hive cookies to coordinate with the theme.

Our host outdid herself with her Instagram-worthy garden decor. The table was beautifully set with a bright sunflower ring in the center. At each place, a jar of local honey as well as a pot of honey and almond hand salve was presented to the guests to take home. A bee cookie atop a black and white checkered napkin added even more to the Welcome to the Hive theme. The platter of Welcome to the Hive cookies sat next to the mimosa bar, greeting the guests with a positive message and setting a stunning station.

What things have you done to make a new neighbor feel welcome?

Supplies Needed for Welcome to the Hive Cookies
Supplies for welcome to the hive cookies
Steps for making Welcome to the Hive cookies:
  • Outline Welcome to the Hive cookies
    Start by outlining a fancy plaque cookie
  • Next fill with flood consistency icing
  • While icing is still wet, add yellow dots on bottom portion of cookie
  • Once icing has dried a little, pipe Welcome to the hive
  • Using pipe consistency, add a line of dots
  • After the icing dries overnight, draw bee wings, stripes and stinger with an edible marker

Add bee cookies, beehives and circle cookies with a variety of welcome sayings to round out the set. “Bee” creative and come up with some fun sayings and twists like Hap-Bee you’re here, bee our neighbor and the only place to bee.

Watch this video to see how we used wet-on-wet and edible markers to make these adorable bees: